Sustainable Fashion: The Frontrunners


Fashion is a window into the thought process of a generation. The way we dress reflects our attitude and personal beliefs. As individualistic style is, the industry, on the whole, is one where forward thinking is part of the creative process that defines it.

Fashion trends are not just about chic dresses and controversial pieces. The industry has been at the forefront of bringing change in the way manufacturing is done. This conscious attempt has been made keeping in mind the fragile state of our planet as well as the growing importance of equality in the business world.

When we talk about sustainable fashion, we are looking at ways to avoid waste. Simultaneously, the goal is to come up with methods that keep the style and sophistication the same as before, but not at the cost of misusing natural resources. The following designers and fashion houses are making a significant impact on society by basing their designs on sustainable ingredients to produce great clothing.

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Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has impressed the fashion world ever since her very first show. Her designs are a take on the modern women and just like one, she has been consciously attempting to stay sustainable since the beginning of her career. The magic of environmentally friendly fashion is that it doesn’t stop anyone from going overboard with their designs. Weird fashion statements are very much possible and more likely when the materials used are different from the norm. Stella McCartney’s eco-friendliness has led her to say no to fur, leather, and animal skin. However, she aims to make more than just catwalk pieces. To have everyday wearable sustainable clothing, she is also investing in research for organic materials including silk made with yeast.




Pop Boutique

This iconic British brand has been about recycled vintage style right from day one. A project that initially involved buying old clothing from flea markets and selling them online, it has developed into a full-blown business that heavily invests in sustainable apparel. The trend is fast catching up, and more retailers are selling fair and eco-friendly clothing. The idea behind it all is to avoid any wastage and Pop Boutique’s in-house production follows this mantra while manufacturing their retro clothes. The most impressive part about Pop Boutique is that buyers can find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, specially curated from across the world, in their shops.


An Indian brand, Doodlage takes waste material from factories and NGOs to make zero-waste clothing. Their goal is to not only work towards saving the environment but also create a business that helps the local communities. One of their most inspiring products has been reusable sanitary napkins, made for women in villages.


If there is any business in which Bono is involved, you can close your eyes and believe that it will be ethical. Started in 2005, Edun is a fashion house by Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson. Focusing primarily on Africa, the clothes are made by locals using homegrown fabrics. Fair-trade and luxurious at the same time, the clothing is a perfect amalgamation of culture and modernism that is celebrated by the brand wholeheartedly.




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