The Newest Italian fragrances to hit the USA

The Italian beauty industry is thriving and has become a much a part of the lexicon of the USA Beauty industry with their mix of tradition and innovation supported by the team at Beauty Made in Italy.

Perfume supported by Beauty Made in Italy. 

Founded in 1869, Acca Kappa is a family owned company renown for their iconic fragrances, hair brushes, body care and wellness products that are inspired by flowers and plants from the most decadent Italian gardens.

Jusbox is a contemporary, cutting-edge collection of luxury fragrances inspired by all things MUSIC. Italian fragrance stands out for its distinctive composition, design and superiority of ingredients.

Acca Kappa’s signature fragrance, White Moss is a modern and classic scent that features a harmonious blend of sweet, sensual notes. This elegant, unisex fragrance uses natural ingredients including lavender and juniper essential oils. Retail price: $72. Available at

Bring Acca Kappa’s iconic White Moss scent into the home with their Decorative Home Diffuser. Featuring a Murano glass bottle with a handcrafted Beachwood collar, Acca Kappa’s Home Diffuser blends functionality with simplicity. The White Moss scent freshens the air with a natural elegance and reveals a genuine love for the home. Retail price: $72. Available at

Jusbox’s newest fragrance Cheeky Smile is inspired by the Acid House culture in London, late nights and discotheque. This molecular fragrance is the first fluorescent packaging in perfumery history! The bottle is finished in a special varnish that appears light grey in daylight and turns into a vibrant, acid-green color when seen under ultraviolet light. Spray your perfume in the dark and it will lead you back to the magical atmosphere of London Acid House club nights. Retail price: $210. Available at

No Rules is another one-of-a-kind fragrance by Jusbox. Inspired by the world of Punk music, this unique leathery fragrance plays with the contrast between ethereal notes of saffron and the warmness of cinnamon. Retail price: $190. Available at

Supported by Beauty Made in Italy. 


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