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Many girls spend months trying to choose the perfect dress for their prom and often splash a lot of cash on a designer dress. This can be great at the time but right after the prom is over, the dress gets thrown into the back of the wardrobe. The good news is that you can wear your prom dress more than once and you can even donate it. Here, we are going to talk you through some of the ways that you can use your prom dress again after prom. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


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To A Wedding

Finding the right outfit for a wedding can be really difficult when it comes to wearing a fancy outfit but not upstaging the bride. This is why you should think about wearing your prom dress to the next wedding that you have been invited to. When it comes to buying a dress for a wedding, people tend to buy something new and never wear it again anyway, so why not reuse your prom dress and look amazing? Everyone will compliment your dress and you will feel amazing getting another use of your prom dress.

In College

In college, you get invited to many different events that have a range of different dress codes. This can often be quite costly especially if you don’t have a lot of money while you are studying. This is why it is a good idea to bring your prom dress with you to keep in your college wardrobe so that you can pop it on for any sort of fancy events that you need to go to. The plus side is that no one at college will have seen it before so it will look like a brand new dress anyway.

On A Girls Night Out

Everyone loves a good girl’s night out and sometimes these can be a little fancy. If you want to be able to shine on your girl’s night out, then you should think about reusing your prom dresses. Some prom dresses can make for excellent going out dresses, for example short lace dresses are all the range right now and thus can be used for numerous occasions after your prom. Just take a look at some of the Jovani Designer lace dresses and you’ll see how pieces like the “Ivory and Nude Lace Two Piece” could make for a great girls night out outfit. Think about all of the amazing pictures that you can get of your girls for Instagram with your amazing prom dress on show!


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To A Charity Ball

If you are the type of person who gets invited to a lot of charity balls, then you might find that you struggle to find the right dresses for the occasion. This is why you should think about taking your prom dress out of the closest and wearing it to the next charity ball that you get invited to. You will look just as stunning as you did on your prom night and the fancy dress will fit right in with the other dresses on show that night. Save money by reusing your designer dress and you’ll be able to donate even more to the charity!

Donate It

How many times have you worn that really expensive designer prom dress since your prom? If the answer is not at all then you might want to think about donating it to someone who needs it more. You will find that there are plenty of young girls out there who can’t afford a fancy prom dress or even one at all and your dress could really make their day. Take a look at places that you can donate dresses online and consider doing something good for someone a little more in need. Think about how amazing they will look in their prom pictures thanks to your designer dress donation.

Sell It

Our final tip for those who want to make more use of their prom dress after prom is to sell it on. If you have spent a lot of money on the perfect designer dress and have kept it in a good condition, then you might find that you can actually get a reasonable price for it. Take a look at some companies who can sell on your dress for you and get you a lot of money in return. Don’t let your old prom dress gather dust, sell it on and see if someone else can get some use out of it in the future.

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Final Verdict

Some of the designer dresses that you can get for prom these days can be extremely beautiful but also very expensive. This is why you should make sure that if you are going to buy a designer dress that you use it again sometime in the future. Why not wear it to a charity ball or in college and make it worth the money?



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