Impress Guests with a Home Cinema

By Jennifer Cole


With wireless innovations and decreasing technology prices, home cinema systems have seen a surge in popularity. Beautiful and minimalist speakers can offer the same incredible audio as bulky hi-fi systems of just a few years ago, meaning that near movie theater level sound quality is achievable in a typical household. Combine with a few comfy chairs and you have the perfect space for kicking back and watching a few movies or playing video games.


Find a Dedicated Space

The first decision to be made when putting together a home cinema is where to put it. For the optimal experience, it needs to be in its own room. If possible, build an extension dedicated to the project. Find a spot for an external television aerial and then feed the wire through into your dedicated room. The wires will then be hidden and you can build a professional quality home theater, complete with black paint and a silver screen.


Audio Quality is Paramount

It sounds obvious, but getting the audio right in a home cinema is essential and it may be harder than you expect. Become familiar with how sound travels around a room. Acoustic wall panels can help to diffuse the sound evenly, while the walls themselves should be soundproofed. This will keep out any external disturbance and limit the amount of sound which gets lost. Surround sound speakers are your best bet, but make sure they are all the same model for a crisp, uniform effect. The should face the audience and be sure to leave a small gap between the speakers and the walls.




Don’t Neglect Seating

The home cinema is a place to sit with all your friends, for hours on end. What could be more fun and relaxing? This is not an area to make savings. Find the comfiest seats possible and leave enough room between rows for plenty of legroom. You’ll need to ensure you have enough seats for a large gathering, but consider sofas for movie time cuddling. Cupholders wouldn’t go amiss, either.

The home cinema is the jewel in the crown of any homeowner. It suggests that you are a person of class, sophistication and all-round fun. With new technology, it isn’t difficult to set up an incredible, professional sound system. Find a dedicated space, paint it dark and get started on designing your very own hangout spot. With the right space kitted out properly, you’ll soon be throwing the best parties in town.



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