Japonesque Makeup a Professional Secret

Japonesque has been long known for the quality of their makeup brushes and the professional makeup industry has managed to hold onto that little secret for a long time making them an absolute must-have in your kit.  So when they launched the makeup line it was no surprise to see the quality and care that went into the range being as strong as the brush line.

Starting with one of the best ranges around in brushes its evident the makeup line was built to match the standard and Japonesque has excelled with its simple yet ultimately elegant range that now graces some of the biggest working kits in the world and has become a sort of open secret in the beauty community.

Japonesque Luminous Foundation

With primer and foundations being hailed as must-haves the colour range is on a par with its biggest rivals.

Standing out in the field though are the palettes, it doesn’t matter your taste; if your a shadow person you can choose from their cool neutrals, delicate shimmers or more adventurous rainbow shades, without worry about quality and price.  Japonesque prides itself on being affordable, professional and above all else excellent quality.

Breaking down the brand we see a carefully curated and well thought out colour range that has a less is more approach that in the frankly saturated makeup market, gives it a more prosumer friendly approach to minimalism, yes you can have the full range (and who wouldn’t want it)?  But you can as a consumer just looking for something elegant and a little elitist, build a look or a personal kit that will sit beautifully on your dressing table and give you a little boost each day as you carefully construct your look.

Japonesque Velvet-Touch Metals Eyeshadow Palette
Japonesque Velvet-Touch Metals Eyeshadow Palette

In terms of packaging, they have done something uniquely Japonesque, with a gel top on each of the powders being described in their promo material as “unique as a fingerprint”, an elegant and clever touch that will give each piece an added edge of beauty that makes it all the more noteworthy and covetable.

To learn more about the range see:

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