Why Should Men Have a “Man Cave”?

By Jennifer Cole

Man Cave In The Garden 

A room of your own is ‘vital to emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being,’ says Diana Raab Ph.D, yet it’s often adults who get overlooked when a home is redesigned and decorated. Sometimes men don’t feel like the home is a place for them: enter the man cave. Even when space inside the house is limited, if you have a garden, you might have the perfect spot for the man of the house to find his own sacred space.

Why Do You Need A Man Cave? 

A space of your own is important for de-stressing after a long day at work: a place where you can process the events of the day without bringing stress into the home, leaving you free to spend quality, relaxing time with your family in the evening. It’s a place where you can indulge in some alone time, filling your time with your hobbies, perhaps getting some exercise if you incorporate a treadmill or some weights into your design. It can even be a place to hang out with friends when you need a refuge from busy family life.

A Garden Cave

The garden is the perfect space for creating your man cave because it gives you distance from the household, keeping you away from the noise of the kids and allowing you to make as much noise as you like yourself. Storage sheds in the garden might be traditionally used to store tools, but they also make the perfect sanctuary, and there are a number of sizes and styles available to turn into your own private space, adding shelving and furniture as needed. Think about what’s important to you when you choose your shed or outhouse: what do you want to fit in there? You might want enough space for a pool table or a treadmill, and you’ll probably want a comfy sofa and a TV in there (you can get your cable or satellite service extended to cover the shed). Make sure your cave is in an appropriate spot for running electricity to safely: you’ll want lights at the very least, but you may want your own refrigerator, and video games or music. This is your space: you can include whatever you like. How about a mini-bar?

Don’t neglect to think about how you will access your cave: make sure you have a navigable path through the garden, and remember to fit an outside light so you can see your way down there in the evening.

Photo by Jamie Templeton on Unsplash

Your Own Decor

You finally have your own space where the decor can be entirely yours. Your wife doesn’t have to agree on the pictures you hang, and you don’t have to consider the children’s safety when you’re choosing furniture. It can be empowering to have control over every element of your space, so make it reflect you. Colors that the rest of the family might consider too dark in the house can be perfect in your cave: exposed wood for a more rustic feel, or dark leathers for refined elegance… and if you’re a sports fan, maybe it’s just the spot to bask in your team’s colors. It should be somewhere you can relax and be entirely yourself. You might even want a sign on the door reminding your family that this is your space.

Everyone needs their own space. It’s important for mental health and family relations, and the garden is the perfect place to create one, regardless of how much space you have in the house. Create a cave. Be yourself.

Adriana Oancea

CEO`s Assistant.

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