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As the nights get longer and colder, everyone wants to change their look to something a bit more bold. This season it’s all about gorgeous, edible sounding hair. Rich tones and shades that sound delicious, from succulent chocolates, cinnamons, and pumpkin spice tones to candy shades. We are also seeing new techniques like eclipting and strobing for the more adventurous. All the rich simplicity and beauty reflected in coppers, reds, terra cotta, tortoiseshell, sexy pearlescent blondes and bold burgundies to die for, all your inspiration is here. Read on to explore some new techniques and trending colours to help you decide which look you love most!




Since it seems like the ongoing contouring craze has reached its peak, hair colorists are finding ways to incorporate the makeup technique using strategic color placement. While balayage is one solution, a recent trend referred to as eclipting is proving to be the next big thing. Created, coined and trademarked by the respected hair wizards at Aveda, it’s the newest hot way to update your look.

So what exactly is eclipting? Eclipting is a new way of coloring hair that’s designed to illuminate facial features with varying placements of shadow and light. In so many words, it’s kind of like contouring but for your hair. It highlights specific aspects of a hairstyle with the use of contrasting colors to draw in or bring out an individual’s specific features and contours- meaning that no one customer’s eclipted style will ever look the same as that of another client.


Courtesy of Aveda

Just like makeup can be used for highlighting and contouring, eclipting creates the same type of effect with hair color. By focusing placement of contrasting colors, whether bold or subtle, eclipting works with the guest’s skin tone, eye color, haircut and face shape to create the desired effect. The desired effect can mean a whole range of things- whether you want to narrow your face, see less of a prominent chin, or accentuate the color of your eyes. The possibilities are endless. The personalization comes in the placement of color. “If I want to show your eyes off, take it darker just under the fringe. If you want to make your face look thinner,  extend the darkness to the sides, which creates illusion of pushing the cheeks in a bit. Color can also be used to offset the density of your hair. If it’s thin, for example, layering a deeper color underneath can

create the illusion of fullness.



Candy Strobing Getty Images


Brunettes, blondes and redheads alike have succumbed to “hair strobing”. This technique was developed by the professional colorists in the American brand Matrix, and is the equivalent of hair contouring. They took their inspiration directly from make-up application. The idea is simple: depending on the shape of the face (round, square, oval or oblong), color is applied to specific areas to illuminate the face and highlight its best features. Now, this effect is being taken a step further with playful and vibrant colors instead of traditional blondes and caramels.


As can be seen on Instagram, colorists almost never run out of inspiration. After rainbow hair, mermaid hair and pastel colors, the latest trend is Candy Strobing. With rose quartz, coral peach and even berry, this new palette of soft, sweet colors follows the trend of pastel colors that were so popular in summer. The ‘candy strobing’ technique we are now seeing is the second type of strobing to hit our hair scene. The purpose is to bring light and reflection into the hair. Candy strobing is far softer and has a much prettier color palette, using a spectrum of blue sapphire, pink quartz, coral peach, moss green, lavender and an endless array of soft pastel candy coated colors reminiscent of My Little Pony, mermaids and unicorns all of which are still massive trends in hair color.


To really understand how this works, strobing is applied depending on the shape of the face and the color and length of the hair. All these parameters are taken into consideration by the colorist, who may then propose what’s called a “full strobe”, color distributed onto different sections from the eyes down the length of the hair.

The goal is to illuminate the entire face. There’s also profile strobing, which plays with the highlights and shadows of your profile. Strobing at the cheeks brings out the center of your face, plus there’s strobing at the eyes and, finally, at the jawline. For blondes, we love to candy strobe with pinks, brunettes are amazing with tones of blue and purple, and our gorgeous red heads with rose gold.



Adventurous Trends


Dusty Pastel Getty Images


Neon and bright shades had their moment to shine, but a quieter take on funky hair colors is around the corner. I see creative colors being used in a softer, less bold way, almost a dusty look. These shades are here to stay whether used in strobing, all forms of soft candy shades and dusty pastels will continue in popularity whether all over balayaged, eclipted,  ombre or peekaboos.


Succulent Tones


It’s safe to say that succulents — everyone’s current favorite plant — are having a major (and unexpected) hair moment. This multi-toned look is cropping up all over Instagram, where it’s being recreated and reinterpreted with different degrees of intensity — some opt for darker hues (think jade plants) and others are trying brighter, more neon shades (think aloe vera).  Regardless, the key is to build the color piece-by-piece from the base-up. Weave in purple and magenta hues at the ends, moody turquoise through the lengths, and, finally, jade near the crown.


Compound Colors  


Ready for a trend that will earn you a lot of double takes? Meet compound coloring, layering at least two or more colors per section to create an illuminated multi-tonal result. It blends an array of tones and colors together on a single strand, creating a sparkly tonal gradient that looks oh-so-magical. While it looks similar to secret rainbow hair, it’s much more visible when your locks are just sitting naturally.


Color Melt Hair


Searching for an easygoing style that ranges from subtle stunning? There’s a new technique in town for you. Color melting is a new technique that creates a multidimensional effect which allows multiple tones to melt together and produce a natural look that reflects different tones of light seamlessly. It allows you to be as mild or wild as you want, depending on whether you decide to choose a seamless blend or something outside the box!


Blonde Brigade


Buttery Blondes
Getty Images


After a few years of cool blonde shades popping up all over, warm blondes are making a comeback. Think more buttery beige and sandy blonde, less icy blonde.


Pillowy Soft Blondes
Getty Images


Delicate blonde hues are about to get big. Blonde hair in 2019 will be pastel. These shades will be soft — almost see-through. If you do decide to go ultra-light, be sure to read up on all the care light locks require. The worst thing you can do after bleaching and processing your hair is let it get dry, dull, and scraggly.


Multifaceted Platinum
Getty Images


If you’re bored of solid platinum, this type of blonde is perfect for you. Multifaceted blonde is a new, fun take on platinum blonde hair. When you look at someone with multifaceted blonde hair in different lightings or from different angles, you see a beautiful mix of colors, almost like an opal shell.


Chocolate Rose Gold/Rose Gold

You can officially call 2018/19 the season of rose gold hair, with celebrities as well as beauty bloggers loving up on this shimmery shade.  Ready to try the hair trend that’s taking over Instagram? Rose gold hair is a pretty, ethereal shade of pink-tinted blonde that’s being worn by celebs like Emma Roberts. It’s so radiant, it lights up your whole look — even if you’re not wearing any makeup.


Beautiful Brunettes



Bronde, a combination of blonde and brown is what a lot of people are gravitating towards this fall. This shade is a deep brown base with rich caramel highlights not only warms up your skin tone but brings life and dimension to your hair while allowing you to still keep a slightly blonde look so you still feel a little summery even in winter!


Chocolate Brown
Getty Images


Kaia Gerber’s hair color is the perfect natural looking brown. It’s a great shade for any lighter colored brunette looking for a subtle change for fall.


Warm Autumn Lights


If your hair is already a rich, dark brown color, ask your stylist for warm-toned streaks to instantly give it more dimension. When adding highlights, think amber, caramel, chestnut, chocolate and auburn.


Ecaille Blend
Getty Images

Ombre is everywhere, but hairstylists are always finding new ways to reinvent this versatile style. The ecaille, or tortoiseshell, technique will be strong again in 2019. This takes three or more sympathetic shades and working them through the hair to create movement. Bonus: if you have thin hair, this style can add dimension and give the appearance of more volume. The copper pink ecaille blend is predicted to be a huge hit in the coming year and is super cute and flattering as seen worn here by Rumer Willis.


Woodsy Brown
Getty Images

If you’ve always wanted to go dark with your hair, now’s the time. Brown hair colors will be more woodsy, ranging from chocolate to espresso.


Ravishing Reds


Terra Cotta
Getty Images

This shade is hugely popular right now in hair and makeup for fall. This color like Jessica Chastain’s is gorgeous and multidimensional because of its burnt brown meets reddish orange with a pink undertone. It’s not the brightest shade, it’s a little more muted but still so beautiful. If you are darker you will have to lighten your hair, if you are a blonde talk about terra cotta, medium auburn and copper tones.


Really Ronze
Getty Images

If you’ve noticed yourself looking a little tired lately, this shimmery color can light up your complexion. Ronze is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown and looks stunning! Think Julianne Moore with tons of shine.


Strawberry Blonde
Getty Images

Feeling a little pale? This trend is sure to illuminate your complexion and revitalize your look. For 2018/19, blondes will take a turn towards strawberry and apricot. These shades breathe life into lighter skin and can be custom-mixed by a colorist to pair with most skin tones.


Champagne Red
Getty Images

If you’re a darker blonde and you want to know what you would look like this fall and winter as a sexy redheaded siren, go for a champagney red shade like Isla Fischer. You can switch to this shade easily and not feel like it’s too big of a change.


“Cuivre” Red
Getty Images


Get ready to see this French word, meaning “copper,” all over the place as this shimmery shade gets big. The cuivre trend of reflective intense copper is going to be the most popular shade of red in 2017.


Pumpkin Spice


That’s right! This flavor is perfect for more than just your favorite fall latte. With pumpkin spice hair (aka gingersnap hair), varying shades of golden blonde or chestnut are painted over copper strands, giving it a multidimensional look reminiscent of shimmery fall leaves in the sunlight. While this trend originally popped up last year, it’s making a resurgence in an even bigger way this year.


Bold Burgundy
Getty Images


 This beautiful deep reddish purple hue is the perfect balance of natural and unnatural shades — and it’s about to get big in 2018/19. More bold color choices this coming year will be burgundies and all shades of purple.


Did you like what you read? What is your favorite look? We love hearing all your guys` thoughts.

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