SiiZu: The Online Sustainable Shopping Site To Fall For

As fall has abruptly greeted us with chill weather, let’s not forget to stock up on all the season’s necessities so that we can be properly prepared for the late nights out, bonfires and pumpkin patches. If you are looking to purchase high-quality, yet sustainable sweaters, and skincare products, SiiZu is the one-stop shop for everything you need this season and more. SiiZu is an online sustainable shopping site that proactively takes initiative to ensure that they are being sustainable in just about every aspect of their business. Their philosophy is, “to design and deliver beautiful, high-quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices directly to you at an affordable price point,” and it is what we deserve as consumers.

From start to finish, beginning to end, they are sustainable, eco-conscious, and looking out for their customers. They only use 100% natural fabrics that are 100% sustainably grown to ensure that they are no toxins used throughout the process. The sustainable manufacturers that SiiZu sources from are intentionally nearby each other so that it lessens their carbon footprint on our Earth. For instance, their merino wool and cashmere sweaters made that are made in Inner Mongolia is just little over a thousand miles north of Suzhou, where their silk dresses that are made, so no flying is necessary. Not only that, but they have improved their packaging to using a recyclable paper bag instead of the reusable poly bag that they were previously using. And if that isn’t enough, SiiZu donates a portion of their sales to the American Forest, in an effort to help them plant “2.7 million trees across 44 projects nationally this year to restore and protect critical wildlife habitat.” Every step of the way, SiiZu is putting sustainability first, which is why they have eliminated the unnecessary expenses that other retail companies keep to guarantee that we are getting a fair price for fairly made clothes.

With sweater weather here, SiiZu has eco-friendly fall necessities for an affordable price. Their Vina Turtle Neck Sweater has a high-hem, drop shoulder line and a turtleneck that is made from 100% Merino Wool. No fall wardrobe is complete without a trench coat and SiiZu’s Anais Dress/ Trench Coat is the staple versatile item to add to your closet. One, it is sustainably made from 100% Tencel Twill, which is extracted from wood. And two, it has pockets. Warm clothes are not the only autumn essential, keeping your skin hydrated is just as important. SiiZu’s natural skincare products range from oils to body butters to masks. The Chaga & Blossom Lotion ($30.00) will reduce redness and moisturize your skin with its effective herbs and oils duo.

As fashion companies are realizing the ginormous impact they leave on our Earth, it is important for us as avid consumers to support the emerging number of companies who are doing it the right way by reducing their waste, and even reusing previous waste, every way that they can. It is clear that SiiZu is a company that cares for our environment and their customers just from their dedication to source the finest sustainable fabrics and to create beautiful luxurious items that are fairly priced for us to love. This fall, fall in love with sustainable fashion and the eco-conscious companies that strive to bring it to us. This fall, fall in love with SiiZu.

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