Radiance Ring a New Artist Must Have

The radiance ring has become a working professionals go to or a must have for those looking to get into the creative side of youtube and other social platforms are always talking about ring lights and trying to find the best option out there for use on their channels and in the photographic world for a good even light source that is going to be a consistent, along came the radiance ring, with a heritage of video and photography lights its easy to see the value of this as a prosumer tool.

Image courtesy of Radiance ring
Image courtesy of Radiance ring

Based around LED technology the two large size pro and mini (46cm and 30cm respectively) are designed to make video and still images of beauty just that little bit easier, you can mount your camera directly in the centre of the ring light via the included mini-tripod head, or use the included phone adaptor to mount a mobile phone instead.  The diameter of the centre of the ring is around 36cm, making it large enough to hold a mid-sized DSLR camera, even with the mirror still in place.

The Radiance Ring Pro is supplied with a heavyweight base, which allows you to place the light on a tabletop or dresser.  If you need the light at a higher level a separate stand can be added to your kit.

The included mirror can be attached so that you are able to see what the camera sees, and check your selfies are nicely framed!  It’s also great for applying make-up evenly and can be used with the light in place your usual make-up mirror.

Image courtesy of Radiance ring
Image courtesy of Radiance ring

Standing out in the lineup, however, is the clever addition of the mobile phone clip on the LED selfie light designed for use with your phone it adds an extra dimension to your “selfies.”

A professional and consumer dream there is just something significant about the pro and mini that will be a major plus to the artist community with the mobile addition bringing about a surge of options for the social media icons out there.

To learn more about the radiance ring check out the website https://radiancering.com/


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