Emphasize The Elegance Of Wood Doors in Interior Design

By Tracey Clayton


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Doors are made of a variety of materials, ranging from aluminum and steel to vinyl and glass, but there is not a single material that can enrich a home with such warmth and elegance like wood can. Solid wood doors always have a lot of character regardless of whether they are used for the entryway or to separate various rooms of the house. Furthermore, wooden doors are resilient and particularly durable. They are also very versatile, as they come in plenty of styles, colors, types, and finishes. If you are thinking about how you can emphasize their already irresistible charm in your interior design, here are some guidelines that will help you.


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All white, why not?

At first glance, white interior doors can look like a part of the hospital and not a home, but if they are well incorporated into the design, they can be a strong statement and a chic element. You can make the whiteness blend in or stand out, depending on the room’s color scheme. If you want to make the transition between the door and the walls seamless, go for the same or similar wall hue. If white is not your ideal choice for the walls, you can try with light neutrals, such as gray or beige. If you are more of a ‘scream’ than ‘whisper’ type of person, create contrast with deep hues on the walls.

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Paint it black

If you don’t know what to do, but you want to go for timeless elegance with a modern feel, you can decide on a black wood door, which will contrast with the lighter trim. In this case, you should focus on coordinating the door with other wooden elements inside the room, such as the headboard, the coffee table, the dining room furniture, the kitchen cabinets, and similar.


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Glass is class

Who said that the door should be made only of wood? Glass inserts are a wonderful idea, especially if you want to allow the light to travel freely through the room. This is a great idea if you are not a fan of the open concept, but you still want to make your home feel connected because it allows a smooth transition without compromising the privacy.


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Rustic charm

Wood already has the pastoral chic appearance, but when combined with a similar style, the doors made of this material can produce a homey and warm feeling that can be incorporated in both modern and traditional design. The typical sliding barn doors maximize the functionality and save space by sliding against a wall and offer a unique character that can only be found in natural timber products. Depending on the overall décor, you can decide to go for deep, warm-neutral, light, or other wood tones.


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Show off the grain

To allow the wood to really shine, you should show off its beautiful and distinctive grain. This may be far from perfection and minimalism required by some interior styles (e.g., Scandinavian), but it indubitably gives the space a subtle warm hue that brings nature straight into your home.


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Clean and simple

If you are a fan of the previously mentioned Scandinavian design, it is preferred to choose a light neutral shade of wood and flush doors with clean lines and without any décor. This may look bland and too simple at first, but that sort of minimalism carries sophistication and moderation with it, and in most cases, this is an unfairly underrated design feature.


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The magical entrance

Arguably the most important door in your home are the entrance doors. They describe your home to the person first visiting, and can be quite telling. This is why having quality entrance doors is an absolute must. Even if you have an ideally decorated home, it will be hard for your guest to get rid of a bad first impression that shabby entrance might give them.


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A secret passage

Small spaces usually require a lot of creativity when it comes to design, especially storage. Hiding away your doors by camouflaging them into a bookshelf will not only help you maximize the storage space in your home, but it will also inject a dose of fantasy into the room.


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Paint with your own colors

In the end, all that matters is how you feel about your interior design. Wooden doors look beautiful when they are in their natural form, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live up to their reputation if you decide to go with another tone. Some of the growing trends for interior doors (regardless of whether we are talking about flush, pocket, or barn) are painting them gray or light blue, but you can find your own hue that inspires you.

We can all agree on one thing – wood doors have the power to transform every interior with nothing but their charm and character. The rest is up to you.


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