For Christmas, Tiwal 3 Is The Only Sailboat That Fits Down The Chimney

What if Santa Claus left a sailboat under the Christmas tree! Stored in two bags, the inflatable sailing dinghy Tiwal 3 can be taken anywhere, in the trunk of a car, a camper van or a bigger boat. It is easy to transport, store and assemble. The Tiwal 3 makes sailing accessible to everyone on the banks of lakes and on the shores of the sea.


CHARACTERISTICS Lenght: 10.5 ft Sail area: 56 sq.ft / 75 sq.ft Total weight: 111 lbs, max. load: 418 lbs 2 bags: 57x 16×14 in / 62 lbs (each) Capacity: 2 adults or 1 adult & 2 children / Price: starts at $5,400


Stored in 2 bags, the inflatable sailing dinghy Tiwal 3 can be taken anywhere in the trunk of a car, a camper van or a bigger boat. Simply inflate the hull, assemble the structure and set the sail. In under 20 minutes it is ready to be launched. It is just as simple to store and does not require any maintenance.


The United States have 12.380 miles of coastline and countless lakes to explore! The Tiwal 3 promises fantastic outings alone, double-handed or with children. Its excellent seaworthiness enables athletic solo sailing, hiked out in strong winds.


Currently over 900 Tiwal 3 are sailing on seas, lakes and rivers around the world. The dinghy has been awarded prestigious prizes in the USA (Boat of the Year by Sailing World), South Korea (Boat of the Year), Japan (Good Design award) and Germany (Prestigious Red Dot award Best of the Best prize). The boat was exhibited in Soho MoMA Design Store last spring.




Tiwal is a family business founded by Marion Excoffon. It designs and manufactures inflatable and super daring designs! This top quality designs enable you to sail at sea and on mountain lakes.

Behind Tiwal there is industrial designer Marion Excoffon’s strong character. Her father refused to lend her his boat, so she decided to build her own. Her tenacity and desire to make the fun of sailing accessible to all lead to the Tiwal dinghy. This new generation boat can be assembled in under 20 minutes and can be transported in a small car. It is stored in 2 bags and follows you wherever you go. Young and adults will love it.
An outing on a Tiwal is far more than just a day on the water: it’s an adventure! It’s the delight of fun and athletic sailing, of sharing with friends and family.
Catalina Magee

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