Teeez Cosmetics a Beauty Revelation

Founded on the idea that cosmetics are about more than the brand, its all about creativity at the Teeez Cosmetics company.  Designed to be used as a tool for your imagination and give you an open door to experimentation with your look the brand’s focus is self-identity rather than brand recognition.  A refreshingly  honest approach to makeup that lets you create without worry about “fitting the brand look.”

With an open mind to the cosmetic arts process, this Netherlands based company prides itself on its client base support in the development process and of course its ethically sourced materials and pro-quality vegan-friendly makeup.

Image courtesy of Teez Cosmetics
Image courtesy of Teez Cosmetics

A standout for its beautiful and fun packaging combing graphic text and images in a collage effect you can spot buy something that is both quirky and practical in the same box.

When you look at Teeez the word decadent springs to mind, the fun element of the company is really played up when you look closely as it caters to all tastes with shadows that run from neutral tones to the most vibrant and pigmented brights that will give you a broad spectrum of options and creative scope.   One thing that really is a must from the collection is the blush, the colour spectrum is divine and will add to your makeup look.

Image courtesy of Teeez Cosmetics
Image courtesy of Teeez Cosmetics



Image courtesy of Teeez Cosmetics
Image courtesy of Teeez Cosmetics

Something that is a real plus in this is the European heritage of the company who have chosen to stay true to their roots and give cosmetics a Eurocentric twist with a global eye, not an easy trick to pull off but done so with a grace and style that Teeez has become synonymous with.

The name alone makes you smile; teeez, the extension of it sounds like the word and just adds to that playful and eccentric sense of fun that that can often be lacking in the cosmetics world.

To learn more about the brand see their website www.teeezcosmetics.com/

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