New CID Cosmetics a UK Phenomenon

New CID Cosmetics was born out of a leading hair, makeover and photography salon, developing their cosmetics line with the view that makeup should be simple and accessible. New CID removed the complexity associated with the trend led elements and created instead a line that was innovative, easy to use and flattering for real women.

New CID Cosmetics
New CID Cosmetics

Building on their work with makeup artists and their customer base, they have become a cult favorite with busy women who want something that will support their desire to look beautiful combined with their lack of time! The New CID capsule collection just focuses on key areas and gives an easily defined makeup kit and a sense of minimalist luxury to the process.

A primary source of their cult status is their baked powders – a range of beautiful innovative multi-use makeup items for the busy woman. Because the powders are hand swirled, each product is unique adding to that sense of lux that the brand has become synonymous with over the years.

New CID Smoky Palette
New CID Smoky Palette

Adding to the story is their recent addition of a smoky palette, a staple of every makeup artists arsenal that has become the go-to of the woman on the move.

A dream line for real women who want to feel glamorous and don’t have the time to spend on extravagant looks who just want something that will do what it says on the packaging!

Designed to fit your lifestyle, the range has a glossy, metallic finish that gives it a touch of modern elegance and identity that New CID women can buy into without worry because they know what they buy will work and is the right side of opulence that they can feel indulged and beautiful.

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