Face Stockholm Makeup a Story of Creation

Founded by Gun Nowak in the early 1980’s, Face Stockholm was built on the need for something vibrant and fashion-forward. With a distinct lack of neon colors in the market, she took to building her brand from this need.

The first store launch was an immediate success and has gone from strength to strength bringing a welcome reliability and multifaceted makeup brand to the global market.

Taking these initial successes, Face Stockholm has stayed an independently owned family business, a rarity today, and is run by mother and daughter team Gun Nawak and Martina Arfwidson, who share a passion for creativity, color and a love for the company that can be seen in the array of innovations and the drive of the company to create a hugely respected brand that has become a consumer dream and a professional necessity.

Image courtesy of Face Stockholm
Image courtesy of Face Stockholm

With a focus on clean and welcoming studio spaces and stores to the ongoing education that is designed to support and nurture creativity, its easy to see why the brand is a strong market contender and has been a staple for 30 plus years in the global lexicon of makeup brands.

The essential basis of what FACE Stockholm is all about: making women feel good about themselves. That is the part of our work that we both love.

The dynamic of the range is visible in its history becoming a multigenerational brand that has broken ground and brought innovation the makeup market whilst maintaining its independent status.  Quoted as being the best export from Sweden since ABBA, we also see a sense of humor and humility from the owners as they continue to work with their loyal client base and bringing a professional makeup line to the world.

Image courtesy of Face Stockholm
Image courtesy of Face Stockholm

Face Stockholm has been at the helm of some of Sweden’s firsts such as the electric blue mascara, the freestanding makeup stores, neon and pastel nail paint, the earth tone lipsticks and not forgetting its collaborations with Reebok, Scandic Hotels and Skeppshult Bikes.

To learn more about the brand or find your nearest stockist see the website: https://facestockholm.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FACEStockholm

Instagram: www.instagram.com/facestockholm/

Image courtesy of Face Stockholm
Image courtesy of Face Stockholm


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