Ragstvvv Film and TV Festival

Rags TVvv film festival is a one of a kind set up with an extremely clever and well thought out process behind it.  Taking a setup that is designed to bring creative work to the forefront the festival is working toward an ultimate goal and giving a voice to independent filmmakers that will be not only a boost to their portfolio and showreel but give them an option to really make some money out of their films and pursue their goals and agenda.

Rags TVVV Festival
Rags TVvv Festival

Building on the development of the festival Rags TVvv is working on giving a more comprehensive long-term strategy to earn and develop projects with an ability to make money, in a rare and new move they are using the cryptocurrency as a means to support with a platform of different channels and genres of film and TV that can be watched.

Designed to be a monthly festival which will be used as a PR and marketing tool, the process allows the viewers and the filmmakers to generate a viewership and be a part of the investment process giving them a financial incentive to make films which for a festival is an unusual step that is set to make waves in the filmmaking world.  

Developing and leading the way with content that, through the festival and a carefully structured screening process, the Rags TVvv team are building a network or different channels to allow everyone in the family to enjoy the independent film and TV world from the youngest to the oldest there will be something for them all.

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