Oh My Glitter OMG Matte Eye shadow Palette

Oh My Glitter OMG  ash built on an extensive and well-respected range of beautiful shimmering eye colors, lip creams and glosses to bring you something fresh that can be used solo or as an accompaniment to other products in the range.

Oh My Glitter OMG matte shadow palettes
Oh My Glitter OMG matte shadow palettes

Pot of Gold a beautiful collection of rainbow colors and Celebrity Nudes an absolutely must have basic shade palette destined to be an everyday essential.

Starting with Pot of Gold, we see vibrant rainbow shades that are designed if not destined to be a grown-up playground of looks that can be worked in a variety of ways and styles.  The colors are designed cleverly to mimic to that of a rainbow and is set to become the pot of gold that every makeup artist and enthusiast reaches for when they want to play.

Celebrity Nudes is just what it says, a selection of absolute essential, everyday shades that just do what they say: create a simple elegant everyday look,  Making it a potential rival to other brands for its cleverly curated neutral palette.

The palettes themselves are fun and built with just the right amount of shades to allow you to play with looks or add a touch of matte elegance to your look. With 12 shades you are not being overwhelmed with choices. Designed to be wearable, the soft buttery texture of the shadows makes them easy to blend and work with and given the pigmentation level is easy to see why so many people were waiting with baited breath for these palettes.Oh My Glitter OMG matte shadow palettes

Founder, Robyn Mcattrall talks openly about the fact she is proud of her makeup line and rightly so as she develops and works on extending her vegan cosmetics aimed at both professionals and consumers.  Her enthusiasm and passion for makeup is evident and the future is wide open for this small company as she builds from a social media following to becoming a makeup maven in her own right with this delightful makeup range.

To learn more about the range see https://ohmyglitteromg.com/



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JamesC is an artist. Starting his career in make up design and hairdressing at the King's Theatre, Scotland, he has since built a solid career across the UK and South Asia, becoming a respected figure in the creative arts and media. With a reputation for clean, simple, commercial make up, and having worked extensively in film and TV, fashion and print, as an all round media make up designer, JamesC is known for his artistic flair and for consistently demonstrating his keen ability to successfully interpret the client's brief. As comfortable in front of the camera, as he is behind the scenes, he has also successfully appeared as a character actor, in a variety of projects. JamesC is also a respected columnist and contributor for several online publications."

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