Chill Kill With Johnny Stone a psychological Short Film

A work of fiction and in part social commentary which relies on the implied rather than the graphic this short film/TV show is a tense little social media style drama shot in a handheld style mimicking a vlogger on the move, it revolves around the character Johnny Stone who is showcasing to his followers and building an audience like all good social icons.

Chill Kill with Johnny Stone a TV thriller
Chill Kill with Johnny Stone a TV thriller

The lead actor in the project offers up a chillingly narcissistic portrayal of a  video blogger and social media icon, played by Johnny Bradly Corbin, whos ice blue eyes and chilling smile has the same effect on the viewer as Anthony Perkins in psycho drawing you into the character with a shiver, his ego-driven “fanboy” follower mentality that drives the need for followers and loses sense of proportion in the moment, throughout the film you are wondering if this really found footage or actually just a straight share of mildly disturbing footage that has been shot and shared via any of the major social networks which in itself is a clever trick that the team have been able to pull off although aware of its origins you still wonder if there is a grain of truth to the project.

The company has hit the mark and found a niche with this piece and the potential to expand and create more, which is in the planning stages, is excellent especially working the talent they have in-house.

Chill Kill with Johnny Stone a TV thriller
Chill Kill with Johnny Stone a TV thriller

Naturalistic, the acting is disturbingly accurate and gives the whole piece an extended sense of discomfort that leaves you wanting more in that atypical “I can’t look away” scenario we often find ourselves in with real life and that seen through a lens.

Chill Kill with Johnny Stone a TV thriller
Chill Kill with Johnny Stone a TV thriller
Vlogger Johnny Stone is filming an exploration of the snowy woods where a killer is reportedly on the loose. He brings along a few friends. Everything seems rather routine—until a member of the party reports that a hidden figure is watching them.

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