The Sea a Three Part Odyssey by JP McLaughlin

The first in what is a three-part series of images called simply “The Sea” by JP McLaughlin, the prominent and respected Scottish artist.  Normally he produces works of scathing social, religious or political commentary, these are a break for the artist into something a little more serene and calming with a more abstract touch.

The-Sea-No.-1 by JP McLaughlin
The-Sea-No.-1 by JP McLaughlin

With a colour palette that makes you think of a tranquil sunset over a tropical beach, the strong use of warm tones such as orange and red give it a sense of warmth, almost firey tones speak of burnished beaches of golden sand.

In the foreground, we see what could easily be dolphins or potentially swordfish adding to the calming overall feel of the piece.  In the background, we see pelicans drifting lazily across the setting sun shaded sky.

The abstraction comes into play with the broad sweeping colour use and mimicking tones of the sea and its oceanic dwellers in their natural habitat.  Warmth and a sense of movement are essential to the piece and we can see the hypnotic potential of the art to pull you into its world, allowing your mind to drift with the water.

A serene piece that pulls you into the heart of the painting allowing you to not only calm your mind but to lose yourself into the potential of the work drawing you into a world of calm, serenity and warmth of tone that speaks softly of beaches and Mediterranean climes.

JP McLaughlin has a reputation for creating beautifully sophisticated abstracts and scathing social commentary pieces that have become staples of collectors across the Netherlands, the UK and wider.

His current projects include a small selection of charities of the artists choice and commisioned work for his roster of private clients, as in demand for his satire as he is for his work such as the Sea as the three-part odyssey of abstract beauty that speaks volumes whilst containing its own secrets.

To learn more about the artist see his website

Or find him on the Saatchi Art website


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