iKons in the headlines for London Fashion Week September 2018

September 2018 saw a first in the fashion world with Ohmnilabs and Honee bringing robotics to the catwalk.  However, we cannot overlook the other talent showcased and the phenomenal response from the Global Media.

House of ikons September 2018
House of iKons September 2018 Image Courtesy of Frank MacDonald

Designers such as Michael Lombard ethical leather designer and the Viking sensation Sigrun brought a touch of theatrics to proceedings and the celebrity, royalty and of course fashionistas brought a new dynamic of multinationalism to the off schedule segments of London Fashion Week.

Leading the charge in terms of social media and not forgetting the presence of BBC worldwide, taking views of the show for the corporation to a record-breaking 300 million.

The House of iKons show seems to be gaining ground like a galloping horse and challenging the old guard of fashion to rethink their current plans to incorporate a more diverse and electronic model that has become a global sensation.

With designs from across the world: the USA, South East Asia, and Iceland, the cultural Hodgepodge works so well both on the catwalk and backstage that House of iKons has drawn the attention of Royal households and Presidents alike for their inclusivity and spectacular shows.

In the form of diversity, there is no limit to who can attend or for that matter walk the runway with grace and elan as we see entrants in the Invictus Games taking to the runway.

House of iKons September 2018
House of iKons September 2018 Image Courtesy of Frank MacDonald

From a makeup perspective, the simple clean look ruled the way with only Honee and Ohmnilabs taking something a little eccentric to add to their already stupendous showcase.

House of iKons September 2018
House of iKons September 2018 Image Courtesy of Frank MacDonald

To learn more about the House of iKons or any of the designers involved see; www.houseofikons.com 


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