Cat + King brings a new meaning of fashion at Milan Fashion Week

Under the talented duo, Catherine Iskenderian and Shannon King, Cat + King brings a new meaning of luxury to womenswear around the world. With an education in tailoring acquired at the Fashion Institute of Technology and abroad in Italy, Shannon and Catherine became acquainted with the principles of construction and the details of design. Furthermore, they have several years of industry experience under their belts, providing them with an in-depth knowledge of the fashion business. The Cat + King Studio is located on the cliffsof the Hudson River, just outside of New York City, making it easy to access all the resources of the garment district. With each piece of the collection, Catherine and Shannon hand select the fabrics, trims and finishes to give a purpose and uniqueness to their designs. The passion for their work is seen both inside and out on all the garments that make up the collection. This undivided attention to detail and quality, along with their deep love for this industry is what sets Cat + King apart from other fashion houses today. Catherine and Shannon want to bring back the old world couture design techniques of the past and provide women with a luxury and personal shopping experience. In a world of fast fashion, Cat + King are here to break boundaries and revive the foundation this industry was built on.

The primary mission of Cat + King is to support high end manufacturing in the United States while honoring fair trade working conditions for our craftsmen. By doing so, customers can be assured they are choosing quality products while reenforcing responsible clothing manufacturing.

Cat And King Nation Capsule Collection Launches To Benefit Beauty for Freedom Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking Globally

Creative art is the perfect tool for supporting survivors of trafficking to begin to process feelings and experiences. Through this process of expressing difficult feelings in a safe, relaxing environment, survivors can begin to build confidence and a healthy means to process their emotions. Art therapy can help survivors rebuild their lives, provide them with stability and put them on the path to socio-economic independence. Beauty for Freedom works in areas where there are high instances of human trafficking. Art making allows survivors to discover new talents, interests, and strengths as they progress through the recovery and reintegration process. To date, 2000+ survivors of trafficking and at-risk youth have been served through our Beauty for Freedom empowerment initiatives and teaching programs in Ghana, India, Cambodia, the US, Dominican Republic and Haiti. We support survivors who have experienced emotional and physical trauma, to realize their hopes and dreams and in-turn to ripple positive change throughout their communities.

“The conversation around human trafficking needs to be brought
to everyone’s attention. Children fall victim to sex trafficking in the United States and countries across the world every day. The fashion and beauty industry, with its global outreach, has the ability to make a serious impact in this fight. The more we talk, the more we can change. I cannot express enough gratitude towards Cat + King for teaming up with anti-trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom to raise awareness. As a daughter, niece, sister and survivor I fight for those who can’t. Fight for the women in your life, too.”


“It is our mission as designers to bring awareness to more ethical fashion causes”

Cat + King Nation has one simple purpose: to bring back hope. As a subdivision of the Cat + King brand, the Nation capsule collection takes a turn from the runway and heads to the streets. With this unisex streetwear line, Cat + King Nation has partnered with the non profit organization, Beauty for Freedom, in the fight against human trafficking. A percentage from each purchase will be donated to BFF toward the empowerment of victims and survivors. As designers, we feel it is our mission to bring awareness to more ethical fashion causes. With fashion being one of the wealthiest industries in the world, making up 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product, it can and should be a platform for great change. Our hope is that by taking the initiative to create “clothing with a cause”, that we can lead by example and inspire other designers to do the same. When we started Cat + King, our ultimate goal consisted of a future of missionary work through fashion, so partnering with BFF has been a dream come true. As we continue our journey with BFF, our plan is to host workshops where survivors and victims are able to express themselves freely through art and design. The customer wearing Cat + King Nation can know that they have directly benefited the life of an individual in need. Join the Nation today and the fight to end human trafficking.


“This collection takes you to a breathtaking place where woman meets nature and blends them in perfect harmony.”

Inspired by the Fiorita of Castellucio di norcia, Soffio D’aria captures the landscape of Italy’s “cuore Verde”. This collection takes you to a breathtaking place where woman meets nature and blends them together in perfect harmony. The colors reflect the flowering fields of the region, which create beautiful patterns of chromatic monotony. The pieces mimic floral details, with petal shaped pants and skirts, and fluttering ruffle tops. Dresses are long and flowing, perfect as she roams through the fields in euphoric serenity.

She is one with nature.

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