Ohmnilabs and iKons taking a new stance on fashion

Ohmnilabs and iKons taking a new stance on fashion and have created a wave of press and media for what has been a landmark act in the fashion industry.

Ohmnilabs and iKons featuring Honee
Ohmnilabs and iKons featuring Honee Image courtesy of Frank MacDonald

Sending robots down the runway, is set to become a new benchmark for fashion shows as robotics becomes more of an accepted prospect and is being hailed as a genius move on the part of the iKons team, it’s not really that big a shock as CEO Savita Kay has made moves that have been seen as  controversial yet hitting headlines, she has taken risks that will soon be making waves across the globe with more mainstream shows emulating what has rightly been called an iKonic showcase of fashion talents.

As to the future of fashion, Honee and Ohmnilabs taking to the catwalk with a leading off schedule show are letting the current heavy hitters of couture know that there is more to getting noticed than just a raised hemline and a futuristic fabric or a whimsical set design.

The telepresence robots were in themselves a sensation and have been making headlines both online and in print preshow and pre iKons, with Trend Prive leading the way with the exclusive news of the move for these powerhouses of technology, design, and event coming together.

Ohmnilabs and iKons featuring Honee Image courtesy of Frank MacDonald

Underlying this process is the lab’s own ethos:

Dream it, make it. Ohmnilabs.

With each show, iKons breaks a new barrier and brings fashion from the center pages of the fashion weekend segments to the front pages of the news with there full scale and military precision shows.  In the coming months, there will be more announcements that will tackle the fashion world and bring about a revolution in how we look at clothing.  The entire ethos of The House of iKons is about supporting and nurturing talent and giving a platform.  With a raft of new designers coming from South East Asia and the added benefit of support both pre and post-show including red carpet appearances, film, and TV placement and of course the ongoing press and media.

The next show will take place in February 2019 for more information on The House of iKons, Honee or any of the iKons designers and shows see their website: ww.houseofikons.com/

To learn more about Ohmnilabs check them out at https://ohmnilabs.com/

Ohmnilabs and iKons featuring Honee
Ohmnilabs and iKons featuring Honee
Images courtesy of Frank MacDonald

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