Every Silver Lining By Stewart Nicol Soutar

Stewart Nicol Soutar as an artist flits between styles and looks going from dark and dystopic to fun and whimsy.  His ethos of work has always been simple:

“each time you look at my paintings I want you to see something new or find a detail you missed, the image should grow with you in a visual sense.”

Every silver Lining is no exception this and once again shows the imagination and scope of Stewart as an artist, looking at the image we can find small details almost as if its a grown-up version of “wheres Wally,” where each new glance reveals another detail as you try and find “Wally.”

The silver lining of a cloud is a well-known phrase and this illustration of the concept gives us a chance to see what that means from the artists perspective, giving us details that are both quirky and gain us an insight into the world of the artist.

Every Silver Lining by Stewart Nicol Soutar
Every Silver Lining by Stewart Nicol Soutar

On first glance, we see on the right-hand side what can be (to my eye) be described as a penguin rising above an Easter Island head, it’s like the artist is taking pieces of his own mindscape and just laying them down with abandon and letting the painting create itself from his own whimsical wanderings and interpretation of how a silver lining can vary from person to person or in this mind to mind.  Everything about this painting is about visualization and details, offering a neo-surrealist view of the world and its silver lining methodology.

Longer on the painting reveals more and like a magic eye picture, there is just something fun about the piece that although dark in color still holds a sense of whimsical fun and creativism that is a hallmark of Stewart Nicol Soutar as an artist.

To learn more about Stewart or buy his paintings then check his website: www.artpal.com/stewartnicolsout 



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