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With Halloween just around the corner and special FX makeup being forefront in everyone’s mind, we decided to look at one of the UK’s leading character and FX makeup artists: Sangeet Prabhaker, a respected artist on a global scale.  

Courtesy of Studio Sangeet
Courtesy of Studio Sangeet

His professional credentials are the envy of many and his work is being hailed as a genius by the film and TV world for its realism in casualty simulation and character development.

My sixth-form Art teacher inspired me hugely and taught me about the core skill set of painting, sculpting and mould-making the human form. Graduating from model-making school in 2001, I continued working as an architectural model-maker and a prop/costume-maker for a few years whilst continuing to self-teach makeup effects and its history.

The most unique aspect of the trauma molds is that they are made from impressions of wounds inflicted using real weapons on analog flesh, under controlled conditions, as opposed to being sculpted by human hands. This gives unparalleled realism and forensic accuracy to the products, making these a unique and essential part of moulage training having now been picked up by and working with the London Air Ambulance to help improve their moulage when training their staff and the LFB and British Gas have also used the molds in training.
Studio Sangeet is currently working on the next wave of products including new additions to the trauma range and the release of generic fit aging appliances for both sexes in a varied age range, again made from impressions of real aged human features.
Taking character and FX makeup to new levels, the scope of these molds for artists opens doors and levels of realism for film/TV or even private clients at Halloween that makes them a worthwhile investment for both professionals and enthusiasts who want to bring realism to their work.
To learn more about Studio Sangeet see:
The trauma molds are currently available in the UK from:
Images courtesy of
Courtesy of Studio Sangeet
Courtesy of Studio Sangeet

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