Chameleon Shadow

Chameleon Shadow is a strange twisted tale that lives somewhere between a found footage movie and a para-psychological reenactment.  You can feel and see the homage paid to others in this genre and it works well by giving the film a creepy edge and tension.

As the story progresses you are questioning the source: is it based on urban myth? A touch of psychological breakdown? Or strictly a work of fiction that mimics its paramours on TV with their low budget sensationalistic approach to stories?  There is enough solidity to draw you in and keep your attention in the same sense as the true crime re-enactment shows with a touch of the x files and Blair witch to mess with your sense of the dynamic and the validity of the ongoing question of the source.

Chameleon shadow the film
Chameleon shadow the film

The overall feel of the film is distinctly edgy, between the sounds and music cleverly adding to the sharp almost chilling story, the actor’s give it a more naturalistic feel hence the references to the found footage style of filmmaking, and its easy to see the cult potential of this and the scope to take the style further with a series of terse, punchy dramatic pieces that would work for TV with this “vintage” feel of 80’s nostalgia to the color tones.  Watching the film we see multiple influences that have been carefully structured and given a unique edge that can be credited to the entire team, each of them bringing an element to the project and adding to the sense of drama that doesn’t detract from the story.

Chameleon shadow the film
Chameleon shadow the film

When darkness is attached and dreams haunt the head, an alternative source of relief can be found in the darkest of places by a most unbelievable being: the elusive Chameleon.

When a young photographer seeks relief from his recurring nightmares, the Chameleon provides a cure. Little does he know the side effect is the realization of his nightmares in the real world.

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