5 Reasons Why Sydney is the Best Australian City



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Sydney may not be the most popular city in the world, but it’s definitely one of the most welcoming and special places you could visit. And the best thing about is that it offers so much to a wide range of people – whether you lead a laid-back lifestyle or are active and sports-oriented, you’ll find a lot of activities in this amazing city. In short, it’s the best place in Australia, and here are five reasons for that.


It’s eco-friendly

Insisting on sustainability and energy-efficiency is the only way to save our planet and preserve it for the next generation, and the people of Sydney understand this better than you’d think. That’s why they promote an eco-friendly lifestyle as often as they can, try to cut down carbon emissions and recycle and reuse as many resources as possible. Their ultimate goal is to become completely green by 2030, which is why they’ve created a long-term strategic plan and have a strong desire to turn this dream into reality.


It’s full of good people

Being a genuinely good person and helping the people around you without a hidden agenda is a trait people have lost in the past couple of decades. Everyone’s too busy to think about others, and the concept of altruism is almost completely forgotten. However, this isn’t the case in Sydney where people are still friendly, nice and helpful, and you can expect them to stop what they’re doing and actually dedicate their time to helping you instead, whether you’re a fellow resident or a tourist. This isn’t the case in other major cities in the world, and is definitely a thing that makes Sydney quite special.


It embraces foodies

It doesn’t matter if you’re living in Sydney or just passing through, you have to discover the amazing food and drinks on offer there. It also doesn’t matter if you like street food, fast food or fine dining – this place has it all! It’s quite popular with partygoers who frequently visit its many bars and enjoy drinking unusual cocktails made by local bartenders, and attending corporate parties organized by Sydney’s numerous businesses. If you too are thinking about throwing such a party, be sure to contact a reliable corporate alcohol delivery in Sydney and you’ll be a step closer towards organizing the best party this place has ever seen!


It welcomes coffee lovers too

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If you’re not a fan of alcohol or just need a break from it, you should try some of Sydney’s finest coffee shops. Luckily, you won’t have to walk too far or take a cab – there’s a café at almost every corner, and most of them are actually quite amazing! The coffee culture is quite developed here, and people love nothing more than sitting at their favorite place drinking coffee with their friends or significant others. From large coffee chains to amazing local cafés, you can find a huge offer of high-quality coffee and drink whichever type you feel like any day of the week.


It’s artistic

Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world, but it’s not just an architectural wonder – it’s a place where you can enjoy opera and theater on a completely new level. And if you’re into cultural events, you’ll surely find lots of things to do in Sydney. From literary festivals to outstanding musicals, you can find it all here and truly experience the artistic side of Australia like you’ve never done before. You can also check out Sydney’s numerous galleries and museums, and enjoy classic and contemporary art from all over the world.


As you can see, Sydney truly is quite a special place and a city that has a lot to offer. No matter how long you plan on staying here, you’ll surely find enough things to make you entertained and occupied – not to mention fell-fed! In the end, you can never know how long your visit to Sydney might last and if it’s going to turn into something more permanent. Lots of people come as tourists and have an amazing time, and then return soon after, deciding to stay here their entire lives, precisely because this really is the best city in Australia.




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