The Way U: The Woman-Owned Accessory Brand To Clutch On To

the way u is more than just a brand, it is the way to empower women one stylish handmade mochila at a time.


Lillian Garcia founded the way u company in a successful attempt to honor the amazing work of the women of the Wayuu tribe in the La Guajira desert. Located near the Colombian and Venezuelan border this tribe has fought for their independence from both bordering countries, so it is fair to say that their resilience to keep the traditions alive is equally unwavering. The women of this tribe utilize their expert weaving skills to create the traditional mochilas and modern clutches that will stand out in any wardrobe.

A mochila, the Spanish word that translates to backpack, is essentially a vibrant colorful bucket bag that is meant to add that distinctive pop of color to complete the look. the way u sells these machine washable mochilas in mini, medium and regular sizes. The Plantain Mini Mochila is a rare yellow bag with a blue and orange Colombian tribal design that embodies the culture. The Dragon Fruit Medium Mochila is a bright pink and yellow bag that would pair well with a neutral outfit. The Chili Mochila Bag is the perfect way to spice up any monochromatic all white, black or denim outfit. Each mochila is one-of-a-kind accessory, which adds to the overall uniqueness of the way u brand as well as continuously attract new customers.

Along with designing the traditional mochilas, the way u utilizes their resources to create chic straw bags and clutches. The Flores Iraca Straw Bag, made from the Iraca palm, is the perfect statement bag to pair with your summer beach vacation outfits. The women use the palm leaves that fall naturally to the ground to create each and every straw bag.


As a Colombian native, Garcia wants to preserve the traditions and culture of the Wayuu tribe too. the way u empowers these already strong women through providing professional development and paying them fairly for their hard work. And not only that but with every purchase, 10% of the profits go towards supporting the community by building water wells in the parts of La Guajira, Colombia that still need access to clean water. With just one purchase of a mochila or clutch, you can add a handwoven sustainable bag, or bags, to your closet while honoring the work of the gifted Wayuu women. And that is something to clutch on to.

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