THE INTERVIEW – YOUNG N SANG, the new streetwear brand you should know

Young N Sang is men’s streetwear brand and founded by designer couple Youngshin and Sanglim in 2017. Youngshin and Sanglim were born in South Korea (1992), and they have been together for 12 years since middle school. They studied Fashion Design at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in USA. In 2015, They were selected as winners of CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Competitions. Young won a 1st place in 2015 CFDA signature + Clara Hancox Fund competition. Sang won a 1st place in 2015 CFDA x Teen Vogue x Target competition.

In 2016, Recommended as “perfect creative ambassadors” by the CFDA, they collaborated on designing football with the NFL with a CFDA recommendation for 50th Anniversary of Super Bowl. They got a Best Vision Prize from Leather and Fur competition in Haining, China. In 2017, ‘Wing it’ collection introduces the concept of ‘upcycling’ by patchworking donated and purchased vintage clothes. In patchwork process, they made garments by following sudden inspiration of the moment without sketches. This way shows unexpected and interesting combination of patchwork.

We met Youngshin and Sanglim for an interesting interview during Feeric Fashion Week, where they showcased ”Wing it” collection powered by The Secret Code Of Fashion in a skate park, an unusual, but great location, with real skaters! Oh YES!!!

Photo: Ancira Adeon
Powered by TSCOF at Feeric Fashion Week


TPM: Describe Young N Sang as a brand in not more than 5 words.

Pursue improvisational unordinary design process.

TPM: What #feelfeeric means for you?

Feeric Fashion Week is an opportunity for young designers. They were very open to support young emerging designers.

We made our first show with a support of TSCOF (The Secret Code of Fashion) during Feeric fashion week. Feeric was a very interesting experience; it was taken place in entire city (Sibiu, Romania). We made our show at skate park. We were very impressed by this TSCOF because the runway location gave off good vibe. Our pieces were street wear, and the place was perfectly fit for our collection. Skaters, clothed in our pieces, skated around the runway during the show, and models, also clothed in our pieces, walked in harmony with them. If you are a young designer who is looking for a place to show your work, Feeric is the perfect place to make it happen.

TPM: Why did you choose upcycling fashion as a concept?

Clothes manufacturing factories have been wasting massive amounts of resources. For example, to produce a jean, around 7000 liters of water is consumed; to produce a t-shirt, around 2700 liters of water is consumed. Resources are wasted not only while clothes are produced, but also after clothes are produced. Many fashion brands have been burning or dumping their products if their products are remained to be unsold. However, in this process, a lot of oil is used; carbon dioxide and methane are created. These greenhouse gases are known to be the main cause of global warming.

During Feeric fashion week, we represented our own definition of upcycling fashion: Upcycling fashion is not only just related eco, but it is also related to sharing memories. All pieces of our collection are made of vintage clothes. We worked to collect large amounts of second-hand clothes from our parents and many other people. Most of the clothes that we bought and received were old-fashioned clothes that they wore in their youth. We thought that each of the items that we had collected to make clothes intrinsically contained memories of a person’s youth. Clothing, after all, is a reflection of a time and a person, so it is a powerful storytelling tool. By patching parts of vintage clothes, and by patching old-fashioned clothes into a modern, cool-looking masterpieces, we realized that we enable to reform those obsolete fashion trends to be reborn into fresh and young hips. Wearing our pieces is not only about wearing clothes, but it’s also about sharing memories together. We hope that upcycling fashion means more than eco.

Photo: Ancira Adeon
Powered by TSCOF at Feeric Fashion Week
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