The 30 Greatest Romantic Movies of all Time!

The 30 Greatest Romantic Movies of all Time!

By Erin Schweinsberg

TPM Senior Editor


There’s never a bad time for a romantic movie! Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but most of them will inspire you to believe that true love exists! Throughout time we’ve seen many romantic movies come and go, but which are the best? Which ones are worth watching? Which ones won’t leave you disappointed? Here at TPM we’ve compiled a list for you! A golden list of the 30 greatest romantic movies ever made!

Time to make some popcorn, chill on the couch, and be inspired by the greatest love stories of all time!

Please give us your thoughts and let us know if you agree with our compilation.

Erin Schweinsberg

My name is Erin Schweinsberg and I'm the Senior Beauty Editor for Trend Prive Magazine! I've been a makeup artist for over 10 years and I love this industry :) I grew up in Australia, but I've also lived in Europe, and I now live in Denver, Colorado in the USA. Being apart of this magazine is amazing, it gives me a chance to write about my passion and also contribute to helping people around the world with the donations we make. I believe we should always pay it forward, even if we know we may never get anything in return.

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