Pinkie Swear High Impact Makeup for Dreamers

Pinkie Swear Cosmetics was designed for the dreamers, misfits and those who want a touch of magic in their makeup bag to brighten their look.

Pinkie Swear Party Powder Mirage straight
Pinkie Swear Party Powder Mirage straight

Starting with the party powder a beautifully shimmering pastel powder designed to work with your look and add a touch of whimsy. focusing on what works rather than what’s right.  The powders are high impact pastels shades that give a pop of shine to your face based on what you want and doesn’t restrict you based on skin tone making it a universal and fun little add-on to a makeup kit.

Their highly pigmented lip colours are just exactly what they say they are: creamy lip pigments that are designed to add colour to your lips with an edge.   with names like Jpeg, a warm coral toned shade that adds a touch of delicious high impact colour to your lips. The already established whimsical side and uber fun brand are winning high marks with beauty bloggers and magazines worldwide.

Jpeg is… if a little mermaid and a renaissance goddess got together. This high-res coral shade is a must-have for supernatural lips.

With the final added touch of the cleverly simple clear gloss that just does what it says on the wand: adds a clear gloss to the lips, less is actually more in this case, adding the clear gloss on top of shades such as Loft Party (decadent purple/plum) or Ghost Him (a decadent damson shade) and just a touch of the clear gloss it takes the lips from wow to vava voom.

Pinkie Swear Clip Paint Fire Escape
Pinkie Swear Clip Paint Fire Escape

Created by working LA artists, the USA made products are all about the high quality and high impact fun they add to a look giving you a divine, masterpiece edge to your look that the team (pinkie) swear will be as cool as you are.

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