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The world is at its tipping point, and everyone is starting to take notice. From countries signing the Paris Agreement to Elle dedicating its most important issue of the year entirely to sustainability and sustainable design, to the zero-waste movement that is seeing big retailers ban plastic straws and countries to outlaw plastic bags, the world is starting to move forward. It is a mistake to assume that beauty and makeup industries will be passed by in the new world order. By making your business more sustainable, ethical, and conscious, you can not only save money but bring in new business.


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In a study conducted by Mintel, over 56% of polled Americans claimed that they would stop buying from brands they perceived as unethical. Moreover, 63% polled have stated that ethical stances taken by companies are becoming more important in their buying habits. Though there is still distrust over the Greenwashing, it does give small and upcoming brands a chance to shine. To become one of these shining stars in the new world, all you need to do is to follow these steps:


Only Use Ethical Beauty Brands

The first step to making your makeup business more ethical is to only use ethical brands. As a makeup artist this can be difficult, but the more you invest in ethical and even plastic-free makeup brands, the better your overall business will be. You don’t necessarily have to adopt an ethical business model overnight, either. Use up your makeup and other beauty products as normal, and start introducing ethical, organic, or vegan alternatives. This will not only help you transition smoothly and start to advertise your new ethical stance, but it will also give you the opportunity to see which brands you like and which you will continue to use in the future.


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Adopt a Sustainable Business Model

Choosing the right brands to partner with that adhere and are transparent about their own sustainable and ethical business practices is a great start, but there are many ways you can improve your business to be more sustainable in a global way. Offset carbon emissions, minimize energy consumption in your beauty spa, caused by your business, and reinvest in your community. Not only are these good for the planet, but they are also excellent marketing tools you can use to bring in more customers and create lifelong clients.


Minimize Single-Use Plastic

The more quality items you invest in, the more luxurious an experience you can offer your clients. Visit and choose high-quality furniture that will last and looks great, use metal or wood brushes to style hair, and generally try to minimize the amount of single-use plastic you have in your spa. People today equate long-lasting items with quality, which is beneficial to your company, as it will save you money over time to choose quality that will last you decades.


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Adopting an ethical business model will take time. Use the transition period to choose the right ethical brands that help boost the overall experience for your clients. Ethical business models are great for the planet and great for business, so start the transition today and do your part for a greener, fairer, world.

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Founder / Owner of Trend Prive Magazine. Romanian-born American, "seasoned" in Italy, "cooked" in Germany and currently serving in Israel. NCIS Special Agent in Charge EA.

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