Introducing a New Luxe Nightwear Brand That Gives Pajamas a Purpose


Their mission is to see women fulfill their dreams and have a safe night’s sleep – find out how we do this through the manufacture of our products and also the charities we support to empower women.


The Story 

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The idea for Siân Esther was born having spent many nights crying myself to sleep after losing both of my parents before the age of 30. This had not been part of my plan. And yet, I was in an English bed with nice bed clothes and with a fantastic support network around me. There are many women in the world in a similar situation but who don’t have the same privileges. I want to support these women fulfill their dreams and potential and help provide them with the basic needs of comfort and security through training and employment.

The nightwear pieces are not just for wearing in the bedroom but also for pottering in or for layering at the beach.  The collection is inspired by my Mother’s ethos of fewer, better quality pieces. Nightwear can often be overtly sexy or very frumpy and Siân Esther seeks to bridge this gap by providing classic, effortless pieces, with a modern twist.  Siân Esther uses  beautiful natural materials; silks, cottons and linen, cut in elegant silhouettes that ensure the nightwear skims and not clings.

Siân Esther will address the need to support women who have a social and economic disadvantage, women who are in poverty and are vulnerable or homeless.  Putting on a pair of pajamas and relaxing in bed creates a feeling of comfort and security and we want to give these women that feeling.  We know that the majority of our customers feel safe at night, the women we are seeking to help, don’t.

Siân Esther creates empowering and elegant nightwear for sophisticated women with a social conscience. Every beautiful piece sold supports vulnerable women fulfil their dreams.

We want to create a  product and what it represents in terms of comfort and security, to support other women and make them feel beautiful inside and out.  Each purchase directly impacts women through training, empowerment and showing them love.

From beach to street to sleep.  Luxe wear for pottering, in natural fabrics with effortless style. Together women for women we dream big.

Blue Chambray Shorty Set with flat pompom trim


After losing her parent’s at a young age, Siân found that grief greatly impacted her sleep and she would often spend many nights crying herself to sleep or be awake for hours, filled with anxiety. And yet, she had an amazing support network around her and a wonderful home. Many women go through tough situations and don’t have these privileges or support and it is these women that the Siân Esther brand seeks to help.

“We want to give disadvantaged women that feeling of comfort and security, like when you put on a pair of pajamas”.


The women’s clothing brand has women at its heart and values more than just luxury loungewear. It has partnered with the following charities and social enterprises to offer some warmth to other women: The Marylebone Project, The Luminary Bakery and
Mercy UK.


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