Kitkase taking Luxury Luggage to a New Level

Kitkase takes a unique stance on travel and the luxury of luggage.  With a team that is proud of its roots and a loyal customer base, it’s no surprise that they are making waves and capturing the attention of celebrities for their simple approach.

Kitkase bmi luxury luggage
Kitkase bmi luxury luggage

With the increase in weekend travel and ease of access to flights, it’s no surprise that Kitkase brings a sense of modern luxury to the process with their cabin suitcase being a much sought-after commodity for the modern traveller.  

The sturdy cases with built-in lock and its range of designs including the Manchester Bee and a variety of football teams and sporting groups, has become a firm favourite of the UK market, the attention to detail is absolutely masterful with the lining matching the exterior giving it a sense of uniformity and shows the thought process of the designers and how they are putting time and energy into the quality of their cases.  

Looking at the detailing of the case itself, we see a solid, well designed and crafted case with four wheels and a telescopic handle that glides easily across a concourse to check in seamlessly taking you from airport to home with a modern classic that is a standout in the current market.  

From sports to pride, Kitkase has become a cult favourite in its own right with fans at every level and talks with major retailers and potential new designs and collaborations being discussed at this time.  Stocked in Manchester’s House of Fraser for a start, with JD Sports taking the lead in the sports department and more retailers following suit, there is just something about the Kitkase company that is catching attention and giving luggage a sense of occasion and an identity again.

Kitkase luxury luggage
Kitkase luxury luggage

By bringing a sense of luxury to travel and making it available to all, they are set to become a worldwide phenomenon and stape of the weekend traveller, embodying a modern classic style through to the more fan-based sports world, it’s easy to see why people are flocking to the Kitkase company for their personal luggage or for their corporation: style and substance wins.  

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