The Importance of Performance Clothing During Exercise

Maintaining an active lifestyle through rigorous exercise is commendable and beneficial, yes, but oftentimes such a healthy habit can pose a threat to your long-term well-being in terms of injury. Unsurprisingly, the more you advance through your fitness career, the higher the likelihood that you’ll end up with a sprained ankle, a pulled muscle, or worse. Such is the reality of a fitness enthusiast, and that’s perfectly fine.

But that doesn’t mean that you should just let yourself be at the mercy of fate and workout intensity. Rather, you should find a way to optimize your training and safely reach your goals. You guessed it, the type of clothes you wear can have a profound impact on your fitness goals. Here is why performance clothes are essential during exercise.

Tights for lower body blood flow

Whether you’re running, trekking, sprinting or lifting enviable amounts of weight at the gym, your body will mostly work the same way. You engage various motor units in your muscles, your body works as a kinetic chain in order to supply energy and force into your movements. Pretty simple.

But if your lower body is not locked in, primed, warmed-up, and mobile, you are effectively preventing your body from doing this. This is why wearing athletic wear is essential in keeping your legs and glutes warm, while forcing blood into the muscles and preventing injury.

Proper shoes for stability and control

Another crucial element every professional athlete swears by, regardless of the sport, is the importance of wearing proper shoes in training. If there is any piece of clothing aside from tights that will affect your entire body and how it’s performing, it’s footwear.

The type of gym shoes you wear will significantly affect your entire training session, so you should choose your pair based on the kind of training you’re doing that day. Remember, Olympic lifting shoes are great for squatting, but they are terrible for running. Likewise, wearing sneakers to a deadlift session could harm your form and put you in danger of pulling a muscle, or worse.

Performance shirts for shoulder health

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body, and as such, it’s extremely prone to injury. While proper mobility work and extensive warming up is crucial, it’s also important that your shoulders are warmed up during exercise and those longer rest periods.

You do not want to jump into the next set of military presses if your shoulders are not primed and ready to withstand the load. This is where performance shirts come in as your go-to piece of upper body clothing that will help you maintain blood flow, mobility and strength through the toughest of challenges.

Mind your noggin as well

Wearing proper headgear during exercise is a common element people often overlook, yet it can play a vital role in maintaining your overall health, as well as your energy levels during exercise. Especially important in outdoor training, wearing the right band around your forehead, performance beanie, or even a head scarf can go a long way in keeping your sinuses healthy and preventing post-workout migraines. So, whether you’re lifting weights in the gym or running in the great outdoors, be sure to mind your noggin.

Don’t forget about your accessories

Finally, there are plenty of performance accessories that can make or break a training session, and your particular sport will have its unique set of accessories you shouldn’t exercise without. For all of you avid gym rats out there, wearing a lifting belt along with a pair of knee sleeves and wrist wraps during those heavy lifts will help you maximize your current strength potential without injuring your spine or your joints.

The same can be said for outdoor enthusiasts, so no matter if you’re running in the park or trekking across mountain ranges, be sure to wear adequate protective gear, complementing your compression clothing and training without the risk of injury. Color-coordinating your accessories with your performance clothing gives some bonus points, too!


Leading an active lifestyle is fun and rewarding, no doubt, but staying injury-free for the duration of your fitness journey can oftentimes seem like a challenging task. Along with pacing yourself, warming up properly, and executing movements meticulously, wearing the right performance clothes might just eliminate the injury factor and allow you to stay in the game long-term.


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