Six Tips on How to Care For a Shaved Head

One of the major benefits of shaving your head is that you save on costs of styling and buying different hair care products. Less time is also spent in grooming. This does not, however, give you permission to neglect your head completely. You must learn the tips that help you to still look sharp and appealing. Here are some of them:


Keep Your Head Clean and Moisturized

Whereas you may not see the tiny hairs on the scalp, they are still there. You must care for them by regular cleaning using quality shampoos. In any case, dandruffs or dirt will be more visible than before since it cannot hide underneath your hair. The oil ducts will continue to excrete sebum oil daily. If it builds up, your head will have an ugly shine. Acne will eventually form, leaving you with a difficult health issue to handle. Accordingly, ensure that all trapped dirt and oils are removed. You must generously apply the shampoo to the scalp and scrub it gently.

Since you are likely to have the cleaning routine when you are taking a full body shower, it is easy to get tempted to use a regular bar soap or body wash. However, these products contain harsh surfactants that are responsible for skin dryness and irritability. Take time to find shampoos that only contain natural ingredients. Always follow shampooing with a conditioning to minimize chances of having a dry and flaky scalp. You could also use jojoba or coconut oils.

Even more, exfoliate your scalp once or twice in a week. It removes and prevents a buildup of dead skin cells. The risk of in grown hairs is also reduced. Still, an exfoliated skin is easy to shave since the razor can glide smoothly and close to the skin, giving you perfect results.

Additionally, have with you a face towel when you are involved in rigorous activities such as lifting weights or jogging. Wiping the sweat away will help maintain a clean scalp. You can take this a little further by swiping an antiperspirant. It is particularly critical if you wish to remain presentable after exercises and other related activities.

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Massage Your Head

Have you ever wondered why professional hairstylists go through the trouble of massaging your head? Is it just to help you have a good feeling while at their facility? Well, it is more than that. It facilitates blood circulation and flow, which in turn leads to proper hair growth, and in your case, a healthy scalp. The best way of going about this process is to use all your fingers. Apply minimal pressure and start from your forehead to the crown. If you have a caring friend around, ask them to help you through.

Proper Diet and Hydration Is Critical

A diet full of vitamins and minerals allows your hair and scalp to remain healthy. Fruits of different colors and leafy green vegetables should always be in your diet. Don’t forget to eat proteins and carbohydrates for an energy boost. Taking a few glasses of water daily will keep your scalp hydrated and supple.

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Protect Your Scalp

Your hair plays a vital role of protecting your scalp from direct sun rays. Once you have shaved, it is important to protect the scalp using a sunscreen. Wearing a cap in hot weather days or during winter is also helpful.

Keep Shaving Using the Right Techniques

If you want to maintain a perfect look, you must keep shaving the growing hair regularly. This must be done after shower because your hairs are soft and easy to shave. Invest in a good hair clipper for best results. It should have:

  • Sharp blades.
  • A perfect ergonomic design for a firm grip.
  • Accessories such as guide combs, hair spray, and lubricants.

You must also find a good shaving cream and a mirror. If you have a sensitive skin, take time to research on appropriate products. Always shave with the grain first for a smooth and polished look. It is also easy to avoid accidents this way. Beware that the hair in your head is likely to grow in varied directions. Hence, carefully make an examination of this before shaving. Don’t forget to apply an aftershave balm. The product must not have alcohol to avoid skin irritation. Also, the hair clipper’s blades must be replaced or sharpened regularly.

Be Bold

One of the things that you cannot avoid after shaving is that your friends and family will stare and even want to find out why you opted for the hairstyle. Wear confidence and boldness at all times. It will make the style to look intentional and sophisticated rather than accidental.

Ultimately, caring for your shaved head will give you a perfect and healthy scalp. Identifying the right products and procedures is, therefore, pertinent. For more tips, go to


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