National Suicide Prevention Week

National Suicide Prevention Week is an annual week-long campaign in the United States to inform and engage health professionals and the general public about suicide prevention and warning signs of suicide.

DateSep 9, 2018 – Sep 15, 2018

The suicide of friend Jonathan last year was beyond devastating to me. It’s extremely difficult to move on when you’ve got that guilt of not doing enough to help. That moment when you’re so focused on your own stuff (magazine crap, personal problems or whatever) that you cannot hear the “silent, sad voice” calling for help, is exactly when reality slaps the crap outta you, and teaches you a lesson you’ll never forget. Don’t be so focused on your own life so much that you can’t even see or hear those in need around you!

We have to work harder to change the culture, bring mental health to the forefront and erase the stigma that we can’t talk about it. We NEED to talk about it!

1. It’s no shame to tell your friend that you’re suffering. If you are suffering, please call a friend or family right away and be straightforward about your needs!

2. We must save each other! The suicide rates are increasing drastically, and unfortunately, the media is too focused on unnecessary drama and reality TV politics. There are a lot of people out there with suicidal thoughts. It is important that we look closely, listen and then react when someone in our environment usually calls quietly for help.

3. These might sound as cliches, but if you’re not shallow when reading them, you can make a difference:

Don’t look away! Don’t push someone in need away! Offer your help! Be kind! Be gentle! Smile when walking on the street.

4. Use hashtags #GiveSuicideNoChance , #FDepression#HumanityVIP & #NationalSuicidePreventionWeek to show your support.


If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.

Much thank you to everyone supporting National Suicide Prevention Week.

Catalina Magee

Founder of Trend Prive Magazine, America.Guide, Christianity.Global and Roast.Global. Romanian-born American, "seasoned" in Italy, "cooked" in Germany and currently serving in Israel. NCIS Special Agent in Charge EA.

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