GlowGuru Cosmetics and Roxie Laid MUA

Roxie Laid is one of the elite when it comes to being a beauty blogger and makeup artist she has carved her own niche.

Roxie Laid Makeup Brushes
Roxie Laid Makeup Brushes

Known for her extravagant, glamorous and sometimes decadent makeup looks and social media videos, she started out with her own pressed glitters and pigment range that become the buzz of Facebook and Instagram.

A respected social media icon and lauded beauty blogger her work is now being recognized and sought out as an icon of the Yummy Mummy Bloggers community.  With an ethos and mission that is simple yet effective:

GlowGuru: Bringing inner beauty to the surface.

Roxie Laid Makeup Brushes
Roxie Laid Makeup Brushes

Looking beyond the glitz and glam (and she carries it well), we see a savvy, talented young woman who has built a business around her life and should be applauded for her intelligence as much as we do for glam looks.

Her latest venture, a seven-piece brush set in pearl white with pink accents and her signature foundation brush with its pink handle and rose gold Ferrel, is a smart move and has the beauty enthusiasts clamouring for more.

Roxie Laid Makeup Brushes
Roxie Laid Makeup Brushes

Roxie herself is a smart, confident woman who wants to give back to the world a little beauty and this delectable set has its own appeal and market, lovers of glitter and pigment or anyone who just loves a beautifully crafted brush that will do what it says and add a touch of whimsical prettiness to their dressing table or makeup bag.

Set to take the makeup world on with a little extra touch of glamour, Roxie Laid is one of the leaders in the “Glow” movement and has added a little touch of luxury to the vegan brush market.

To learn more about GlowGuru and Roxie Laid makeup artist check her Facebook page by clicking here.  


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