A Soldier’s Suicide


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A Soldier’s Suicide
By Eric Millisor

I am on the rise.
By surprise I will be found.
In the last of your goodbyes
It’s you I will surround.

I am unexpected.
In the brave and quiet, I thrive.

On the surface I look normal.
In the mind is where I hide.

A battle I am fighting.
The war that no one sees.
Camouflaged and buried.
My drum of death will beat.

In the dark I’ll come to find you.
When you’re ready to concede.
I take the lives of many.
Whether Soldier or Marine.

The pain is reoccurring.
The tears will never stop.
When you end your life with me.
It’s their lives I will haunt.

On watch to steal your glory.
It’s shame that I will bring.
Nothing left but questions.
With others left to grieve.

Another White Star family
Another six to carry.
The War Machine goes on
Their torture we will bury.


-In loving memory of my battle buddies, Landon and Brandon. We will live for you.

Eric Millisor

Poet, writer, and contributor to Trend Privé Magazine. Currently pursuing a Master of English with an emphasis in writing from the University of Nebraska.

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