Elayne Rivers AKA TL Toonz: Manager, Musician, iKon

Being put in the position to showcase her first clothing collection at the House of iKons show London this September, the multi-faceted Elayne Rivers reached out to her music contacts for some help to create something unique that would sound right for the look she wanted to showcase.  With some of the biggest industry artists at her fingertips, the timing was just not right and she had to improvise and thus her alter ego was born:

“T.L. Toonz” is the creative alter ego to Elayne, the businesswoman. A 2nd generation American, T.L. Toonz was born and raised in “pre-gentrification” Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I was asked to submit a track for my models to walk to. I’ve had this concept in my mind for years and reached out to my longtime client, Raz B, to see if he would do it.  Unfortunately, he was flying home to China and could not help at the time.

T L Toonz AKA Elayne Rivers
T L Toonz AKA Elayne Rivers

I reached out to a few artists and no one was available at the time, so, I did it myself.

Elayne shows absolutely no fear in taking on the music industry, fashion or anything for that matter and is respected for her attitude and multifaceted business acumen.

To find out more about her shows signature track click here for a preview. 

T L Toonz Instagram www.instagram.com/75indent/

Press and media inquiries in the UK should be referred to House of iKons.

For USA Management See TL Toonz 

Tickets to The House of iKons show can be found here.


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