“Sometimes the smallest things can mean so much”

Sometimes the small things, such as chairs and tables, are life-changing for those who do not have them while working hard to improve their lives.  This is what the 2018 WGC participants realized in Barcelona, Spain while engaging in the yearly international project.

The Women of Global Change successfully completed another International Adventure Summit this July.  This summit took participants and partners to Italy, France, and Spain.  The project this year was a joint cause with Mujeres Palante (Women Ahead) and the Barcelona Women’s Network in Barcelona, Spain. These two groups are focusing on the needs of migrant women who are working hard on constructing a life for themselves and their families in a new land.

Mujeres PaLante” help immigrant women that don’t have legal documents to live in this country to help them integrate or some that have been through difficult times and need to gain their independence.  All that have come here to seek a better life, leaving all they know behind due to real dangers to their lives and that of their children.  The women come from all different regions and countries of the work, such as South America, India, Pakistan, North Africa.   All have some skills but they don’t have the language and many don’t understand how the Spanish government works.  Mostly all don’t have legal documents to work so Mujeres PaLante helps them by giving them the skills needed,  language classes, computer classes, in this case, sewing classes and catering workshops so they can make money in their new countries.  Also present where representatives of the local Barcelona Magistrate which gifted the enhanced building space for The Women of Global Change International Summit 2018 to serve in creating Women Ahead with a new Career training portion of the facility.

Being able to support these ladies brought us to realizing that this project did not just support the women living and working in Barcelona but also the women in other countries, such as Senegal, that they collaborate with for getting the materials to create their own line of clothing, accessories and beyond.  Understanding more fully the scope of this project’s impact was important as it speaks to the overall focus of The Women of Global Change and all its members: and ambassadors, such as Michael Drew, Dr. Marisa Pei, Brad Yates, Raoul Davis,  and the youth participants ranging from age 7-16, to name just a few,   we work to improve our communities and humanity at large we are looking forward to actively participating hands-on project this summer to help women and families who had to leave their homes and are in the process of making a new, positive life and be contributing members of their new communities.

2019 we look to another groundbreaking summit that will connect all participants and partners in unique ways; this time it will lead The Women of Global Change to Punta Cana. Also, be sure to follow the movement and join where you feel you fit to better life as is – on social media and in person in our chapters and engage.

The Women of Global Change (WGC) is a multiple White House award-winning 501(c) 3 International organization that serves individuals worldwide. WGC participates and organizes educational platforms, business networking, National and International projects of betterment, we do this through different programs and missions. We work together in business, power, and spirit to provide a better world for ourselves, other women, children, and all human-kind. WGC also has local chapters in the United States, which supports and provides educational/business platforms and local community social impact activism. WGC stands as a presence of hope and possibility for those in need!


The Women of Global Change participates in communities and also International projects of betterment. We do this through many different programs, missions and adventures. We work together in business, power, and spirit. We do this to provide a better world for ourselves, other women, children, and all human-kind. We also are creating chapters to serve even more impactful locally.

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