“Oh, sneaky, sneaky….Oh, creaky, creepy” – by Stewart Nicol Soutar

Oh, sneaky sneaky…Oh, creaky creepy by Stewart Nicol Soutar is a work of Orwellian Mastercraft.  A dark and dystopian vision with the potential for a humorous twist.

Oh sneeky sneaky..Oh creaky creepy by Stewart Nicol Soutar
Oh sneaky sneaky…Oh creaky creepy by Stewart Nicol Soutar

Like a CIA operative, the man in the hat has the dark glasses to disguise his true self while the hat shows the potential of the mind with multiple aspects of different personalities and prepared disguises.

The Orwellian aspect kicks in when we look at the details when we look at the use of colour, a variation of midnight blues and earth tones that give this image a dystopic starkness that draws you deeper into the image, reminiscent of a spy thriller or classic film noir there is something deep and mildly disturbing about the work that opens the eyes to the potential of the character; who is he?  What is he?  Where is he?

Oh, sneaky sneaky…Oh creaky creepy throws you into a murky underworld of darkness and with the figures on the brim staring some like, the potential personalities or even disguises and personas of the man below, a visual representation of the multiplicity of the human mind.

We are left wondering if this is a dark, schizophrenic vision of a tormented mind or merely a representation of the multiplicity of the human mind waiting and watching as we pass through our days.

With an open mind, we can see the potential of the image as a powerful representation of the human psyche in artistic form.

To learn more about the artist see his website or visit his Facebook profile.



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