The Best Vinyl Flooring that Looks like Wood

Now, people are getting crazy to install the Vinyl Flooring that looks like a wood at their homes and offices, this is because of its natural wood appearance. These days the wooden vinyl flooring is not only diverse, but it has also matched and even surpassed the real in terms of durability, practicality, design, and value. In fact, it is next to impossible to identify the differences between Vinyl flooring and the real wood. So, get the best vinyl flooring in Singapore today and get a new natural wood look for your home.


The quality of vinyl flooring that exactly looks like a wood is eye-catching, all because of the advanced printing technology. Now the aesthetics of vinyl flooring feels like a hardwood. So, have look at the best type of wooden vinyl flooring available.


The different options of vinyl flooring that from which you can choose the best vinyl flooring are mentioned below:


Vinyl Flooring: Hickory wood  


This vinyl flooring is the best option for those people who like the darker colors as hickory is one of those species that looks amazing with the darker stains.


Photo by Kendal Smith

Vinyl flooring: Light oak wood


You can get a medium gloss finish look for your home with light oak wood vinyl flooring.  You can also go for the Dark oak wood finish look with vinyl flooring.


Photo by Kendal Smith


Vinyl Flooring: Teak Word


You can get luxurious premium look with Teak Wood Vinyl flooring. So, go and buy the best vinyl flooring In Singapore today and get the luxurious teak wood look for your home.

Photo by Kendal Smith



Vinyl flooring: Coloured Maple wood


Maple wood is one of the popular types of flooring that people love to prefer for areas like breakfast room and kitchens. With Maple wood, you get a glowing look for your home areas.

Photo by Kendal Smith



Vinyl flooring: Light Canadian Maple (for the bathrooms).


You can get the Light Canadian maple vinyl flooring for your bathroom. This flooring type can be the great option. But, always consider that do not install the solid or engineered wood in the bathroom, the reason is the moisture. But you have this luxury vinyl with complete abandon that it will never contract, split, wrap or get affected by the water.


Photo by Kendal Smith


Vinyl flooring: Chestnut wood


It is very difficult to find the wood floors like a chestnut in real. But, with vinyl wood, you can get the powerful hardwood look for your home. So, make your home a powerful place with Chestnut vinyl flooring.


Photo by Kendal Smith


The above-mentioned wood vinyl flooring options can help you to get a contemporary look and the urban feeling for your home. Vinyl flooring with  the darker tones looks amazing whereas with lighter tones you can have the classy decent light shade look for your home.


So anyone, who is thinking about to have a wooden vinyl flooring for their home should go and buy the best vinyl flooring in Singapore now. The low maintenance, higher durability, design customization in vinyl flooring will definitely amaze you.


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