Russia Modest Fashion Week: Changing the Face of Fashion

Taking a whole new slant on fashion events, the team behind Russia modest Fashion Week are opening the door to a whole new era of Globalisation withing fashion.

Moving beyond culture and trends they are working to bring a truly multifaceted show to the market with the kind of motivation and business savvy that has the old guards of traditional shows quaking in their custom-made boots.

russia modest fashion week
russia modest fashion week

Russia Modest fashion week is about more than just pretty models and a showcase of the latest in couture, it is a strategy and the beginnings of a new wave in fashion that is drawing the eyes of the worlds fashion press and bringing a sense of positivity to the country with its fresh view of how a show should be done and of course the dynamic professionals it has connected within what can only b described as the kind of business savvy that sets them apart from the herd.

 Russia Modest Fashion Week will open the world of Modest Fashion for you presenting the Russian and international designer brands and fashion collections, new style solutions, and attractive business projects in the area of ​​the fashion industry.

Stepping up the plate and taking on such a monumental task has not fazed them in the slightest as they stride with confidence into the world arena and with their most daring show set in an airport, this team are gearing up to light a new path of multiculturalism and fashion that will be the new bar for all the fashionistas and industry leaders.

With a strategic plan that has already seen them affiliating with India, Turkey and plans in place to connect with their equivalent shows in both Glasgow with the Scotland International fashion festival and the team behind the already established and successful House of iKons show in London, their goals are clear and precise: connect with talent and bring the independent fashion designers and teams to a new level of excellence with their partners.

For more information about the show see their website:

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