Make Your House A Home with These 15 Ideas

by Luke Oleenik

Do you ever feel like your home could be just a little more personal? Do you look around and feel like it could be anybody’s home? If so, we understand. We’ve compiled a few great ideas you can use to make your home uniquely you!

Check out our 15 ideas and try out your favorites.


  1. Choose Furniture That Reflects You

Do you like a cool, retro vibe? Opt for a sofa styled after one from the 70’s. Look for chairs modeled after the modern-art style of the 60’s. You don’t have to go with what’s “new” to be stylish.




  1. Paint Your Dreams

Choose colors that reflect how you want your home to feel. If you like a clean, plain look, stick with white. If you want to feel calm, choose a shade of blue that suits you. If you want a warm, neutral vibe, a shade of beige will be just fine.

  1. Pillows Are Fun

Trendy pillows are everywhere nowadays. You can find them with cute designs like unicorns, tacos, and pineapples. You can find sequin pillows, and even pillows shaped like emojis. Go pick out a few and watch your room come to life!

  1. Make A “Wall of Fame.”

Get a picture of your family all together at the next reunion or party. Get it made into a huge poster print. Then, around that poster, put individual photos of your friends and family. You can simply remember the good times just by looking at the wall.




  1. Ask Your Family for Help

If you have an artist in your family, ask to purchase one of their paintings. If there is unused art or decorations at a family member’s house, ask if you can have them. You can display cool, unique items from your family’s collection, and some of them will probably be uniquely vintage.

  1. Frame Your Kids’ Art

If you’re a parent, chances are your kids have made you plenty of little drawings. Have your child draw someone like you or a pet, or even themselves. You can frame the art and hang it up, and smile for years about their work.

  1. Don’t Save The Fine China!

Got some beautiful old china from grandma or mom? Don’t let it sit inside a box, undiscovered. Bring it out and display it. Fill a beautiful bowl with potpourri if you know it’s too special to eat from. Set out and stack up beautiful pieces by size as a centerpiece.




  1. Bring Out the Books

If you are an avid reader, put some of your books on shelves around your home. Try to choose books with covers that match the color of your room. Or, display old, leather-bound copies to provide a shabby chic look. You can even search for cool old bookends online or at a thrift shop.

  1. A Space for You

Find a chair you like. It can be a chair you already have, or maybe you can treat yourself to a nice new recliner. Now take this chair and make yourself a reading/relaxation corner for yourself. Put down a rug that you like. Put a small table nearby for books, a laptop, or tablet. Enjoy a space just for you!

  1. Get Rid of Unhappy Things

Are you holding onto clothes that don’t fit? How about old gifts from relatives who meant well, but missed the mark? Find items in your home that are not bringing a smile to your face. Declutter old toys, books you no longer need or clothing that is out of style or a bad fit. You will make room for things that really matter!

  1. New Towels, New Outlook

Get rid of those old, tattered and stained up towels in your bathroom.  Save the old ones for days at the beach or drying off the dog after a bath or cleaning up spills. Make your bathroom a nice place by adding fresh, fluffy towels for your showers.




  1. Spruce Up What You Already Have

Consider repainting an old chair or refinishing an old table. There are lots of tutorials online you can follow for updating an old table, chair or other furniture to breathe new life into your home and give it a personalized touch.

  1. Don’t Let Clutter Take Over

The stacks of bills, letters, notes or other papers you have lying around can induce stress and make you feel trapped. Make sure to get those taken care of and put in their right place. Buy a file folder to keep all your bills organized or opt for paperless billing.

  1. Choose the Right Light

You certainly don’t need the bright lights of everyday life! In stores, the office, and the street, bright lights are everywhere. If you enjoy that, opt for bright LED bulbs. If not, choose a softer bulb that will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Choose a cute lamp, like a moon lamp, and enjoy the effect.




  1. Do What Feels Comfortable

This is your special place in the world. Find objects and decorations that make you happy and bring them into your space. It’s okay if they don’t all match, or if they’re a bit unusual. Find things that make you feel good and make you comfortable and go for them.



Decorating your home can be a lot of fun. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of money to make your home look unique and special. With a few resources and some hard work, your home will look stunning in no time.



About the author:

Luke Oleenik serves as the Managing Director of XL Building, a trusted building company specializing in second storey additions and custom home construction across Melbourne. Prevent your dream home from turning into a nightmare with his free ultimate building guide.


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