Jewellery design and how the choice of stones affects the outcome

When it comes to Jewellery and picking a piece be it a wedding ring, engagement or something as simple as a necklace, the jewel or stone can make the difference in the eyes of our peers and of the person receiving it.

The jewellers art featuring Nepalese Kyanite
The jeweller’s art featuring Nepalese Kyanite

Mae West always maintained that a jewel that was given sparkled more that one you bought yourself.

Different stones have different meanings and purposes, from a purely financial standpoint it’s all about the brand, with a premium being put on names such as Faberge and Cartier.  The sheer luxury of having these names on the box adds to the intrinsic value of the piece and gives it that little extra edge.  Naturally, they look to only most beautiful cuts and stones that will augment and enhance the platinum or gold settings.

Spiritually there is a different element to this and stones such as Kyanite from Nepal, which is known for its transcendental properties have become popular with jewellers at all levels who want to give something strong in quality and with a depth of message that creates both a physically beautiful piece and adds something extra to the heart and soul of the piece.

Like many things, jewellery is a very personal thing and at the heart of this is the choice of stone and the shape that can be used to convey a message.  A beautiful heart shaped kyanite stone conveys a sense of love and as the stone, itself is known to repel negative energy and is used frequently in healing.  Different shapes and cuts can be used to provide a personal message as well or add just a touch of luxury to something small.  With vintage cuts and a passion for something with a life force of its own its easy to see why the jeweller’s craft is as much about their own passion for beauty as it is their clients need for something solid to showcase their wealth or love.

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