Tribe of Lambs- a nonprofit ethical jewelry brand changing the world

Tribe of Lambs is a nonprofit ethical jewelry brand creating bright and positive futures for HIV-positive children in India. Our vision is to create a Tribe of likeminded shoppers, contributors, and communities. Tribe of Lambs values people, quality, and love. We strongly value everyone impacted by our work, both contributors and beneficiaries. Tribe of Lambs was co-founded by Bobbi Paidel and Dani Shaw, childhood friends from Alberta. Philip Haley later joined them as the Director of Marketing. Creative Director Bobbi has spent years working in the fashion industry, but was inspired to pursue her own passion after traveling to India. Bobbi’s vision was to bridge the gap between westernized consumerism and compassionate consumerism, two things that don’t often mix. From here, Tribe of Lambs was born.

Tribe of Lambs has empowered the lives of over 500 at risk children in various parts of India, including Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. We have completed 5 successful Compassion projects and raised over $10,000. With Tribe of Lambs, every purchase or donation counts. We are now working exclusively in support of HIV positive children & raising awareness to the challenges they face. We want to inspire others with what can be achieved if people come together and give to a bigger cause. Our goals are not just monetary; contributing can be as simple as sharing our story.


We invest both time and money to work directly with jewelry artisans in India. Bridging east & west, we work side by side to ensure our products are high quality and ethically made. Through our website, unique points of sales, various fundraising initiatives & community events, we engage consumers in the global marketplace, conscious consumption & the issues faced by HIV Positive Children in India.
One ring, one heart. 100% of profits from every product purchased funds our Compassion projects, providing opportunities and bright futures for HIV positive children in India. We’re not just talking about it, we’re doing it!


So easy to place an order … clean, simple and quick! I love that the products are hand made and unique, and the icing on the cake is knowing that every order placed is helping to make a difference! I will definitely be ordering from here again!!! –   Jocelyn, Tribe of Lambs customer.

Thank you so much for the help you provide. It adds great value to our lives here at the orphanage. – Sudeshna, Tribe of Lambs beneficiary


The amazing quality of products brought from the heart of these rural Indian communities is of the utmost style and materials. It’s so refreshing to purchase something that is not just purely for profit, but that also benefits the local people in the area. Makes the distance between people feel smaller. – Carla, Tribe of Lambs customer


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