OhmniLabs and an iKonic Show

The solo segment on Saturday 15th September by ‘Honee” will have both human and robotic models, bringing fashion and advanced technology together. Honee a creative visionary stated “I am thrilled to have the sponsorship of the OhmniLab, a telepresence robotic company.

house of ikons show
house of ikons show

My show with the House of iKons this September is named “ÁI”, in reference to Artificial Intelligence and also the play on the Vietnamese word ÁI for love and the Chinese phonetic AI for love as well. We’re in the world of AI and loving it. I use fashion as the language to express the skins we are in. In my upcoming show, it’s not about the future of robots, of a world unknown, but of the presence, the NOW. And OhmniLab is ushering the world of NOW with their telepresence robots. I’m honored and super excited to be a part of the Ohmnilab journey.”

With the iKons show set to create a new benchmark, looking at the schedule its easy to see the potential and scope of this:


Saturday 15th September 2018

Fashion Mixer & Networking

Segment One: 2.30pm

  1. GRAND OPENING: Chavez
  2. Balazs Ester
  3. Edele
  4. Sabas Creation
  5. Bjorne of Norway
  6. MEM
  7. Dimple Amrin
  8. One Off by Tatiana Pintilli
  9. GRAND FINALE: Sima Brew

Fashion Mixer & Networking

Segment Two: 4.30pm

  1. GRAND OPENING: Michael Lombard
  2. Giulia Bechi
  3. Kajin UK
  4. Designed by Josh
  5. Zarena Haute Couture
  6. Czarina Kaftans
  7. Stephane Koerwyn
  8. GRAND FINALE: Sigrun

Fashion Mixer & Networking


Honee sponsored by OHMNILab

Sunday 16th September iKonic Kids Fashion

Fashion Mixer & Networking

Segment One: 1.30pm

  1. GRAND OPENING: Be Unique Be You
  2. U.King & Queen
  3. Triple D
  4. Little Royals
  5. GRAND FINALE: Lavender Rose

Fashion Mixer & Networking

Segment Two: 3.30pm

  1. GRAND OPENING: Camellia Couture
  2. Me Clothing
  3. Be Unique Be You
  4. JAL Fashion
  5. GRAND FINALE: Korn Taylor

Exhibition Area 15-16th September

  1. The Sharan Project
  2. Balazs Eszter
  3. Czarina Kaftans
  4. Hema Vyas
  5. Edele
  6. U.King & Queen
  7. Kajin UK
  8. Bjorne of Norway
  9. Designed by Josh
  10. ROISS Natural Mineral Water
  11. OHMNILabs
  12. Vida for You Organic Skin Care
  13. JKang Academy
  14. Mitch Desunia

For more details see www.houseofikons.com  ticket details can be found here: House of iKons tickets.  


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