Vida for You Skincare

Vida Skincare comes from a unique standpoint, built on a combination of the Mediterranean diet and a background in clinical aesthetics that make them something of a stand out in the market.

Focused on treatment, the entire range has the potential to be a game changer for the ever-competitive skincare market, the smart technology combined with one of the savviest strategies for ingredients and sustainability:

Image courtesy of Vida Skincare
Image courtesy of Vida Skincare

By focusing on the by-products from food production and the origin of the basic ingredients, we have discovered a new source of super-charged, green, raw materials.

Even looking at the ethical and clinical aspects of the range it’s still a beautifully orchestrated to cater to the needs of everyone with its focus on key areas of skincare and does it with class and simplicity.

From a single glance at the packaging its easy to see why they are becoming a cult hit and with fans across fashion, some of the biggest influencers and fashion directors grabbing up the products for the simplicity of the range and its target goals and proven track record.

Going away from the more clinical and aesthetic aspects of how it works, the less is more method is applied here as the ingredients are so concentrated it’s less decadent as a product as it is practical. The luxury aspect truly kicks in when we look at the packaging, which again has its roots in its eco-friendly and ethical stance.

Packaged in recyclable jars, they still maintain a sense of the luxury that you want and expect from a premium skincare range, the warm amber tones offset with gold accents make them a visual treat that will sit as elegantly on a dressing table next to your jewellery box as they do on a bathroom shelf.

Image courtesy of Vida Skincare
Image courtesy of Vida Skincare

Its little wonder that when they approached the House of iKons as a sponsor they were snapped up, fitting well with the company brief and showcasing the absolute ethos of fashion.  Vida skincare is the brand to watch and is set to take the world by storm, already an insider secret they will reach new heights in the skincare world and still hold true to their roots.

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Vida for you will be at the House of iKons show September to find tickets or additional information click the link iKons tickets.




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