Eden Humanitarian Jewellery

Eden Jewellery started with two women, who wanted to help women in danger. And, has since blossomed into a multinational charity for the support of and rehabilitation of people who have been victims of the human trafficking horror.  Working around the red light districts in their hometown, and finding ways to help women out of a situation they had no choice but to be in, and giving them a means to escape.  Eden also offers a lifeline to those in forced marriages and gives them a means of escape from the oppression and dangers that they face.
Eden Humanitarian Jewellery
Eden Humanitarian Jewellery

Motivated by their religious beliefs and a fundamental humanity, the jewellery became an integral part of this, allowing them to bring the message to different areas and offer people an opportunity to support.

From the stance of jewellery, they are showing a skill set that is both decadent in its intent but with a heart of gold that is worth more than the jewels themselves.

The Eden ‘Theory of Change’ is based on a reach, rescue and restore model.
Looking at the collection we see a symbolic use of shape and colour, doves of peace and warm, light tones that convey a sense of calm and feminity.  Each piece brings you a little closer to the people you are helping and shows your support in the most beautiful way.
Like a secret handshake or a nod, the jewels themselves convey a message of hope to those in the know and open a dialogue with those who don’t.
Eden Humanitarian Jewellery
Eden Humanitarian Jewellery

Heather Cunningham along with the Falkirk Vineyard Church in Central Scotland, bring these remarkable pieces of jewellery and their sentiments into the foreground. With Heather’s help, Eden jewellery’s now making its way to a fashion venue near you. If you would like to show your support for this humanitarian cause, why not pop along to Princess Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Friday & Saturday this week!


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