Give Face Cosmetics Brush Line

Give face cosmetics is well known and respected for their uber fun, theatrical makeup range that encourages people to play with makeup and create new looks, lesser known and of equal merit is the vegan brush range.

give face cosmetics brushes
give face cosmetics brushes

Designed around the idea that you are playing with the makeup, the brushes are unlabelled taking away the restrictive sense of “this is a foundation brush….” opening up the play element so prevalent in the rest of the range the design is more about face and eyes or details, making it plausible to experiment without feeling the same restrictions and constraints of traditional brand policies on brushes.  A smart move by the owner who has brought together a collection of brushes that are designed to enhance your makeup experience and give you the tools to create without imposing rules on how you use them.

Noteworthy is the selection of face brushes; a range of shapes and styles that allow you to sculpt and shape the face which for its many exuberant and extravagant clients whos makeup is about art these are a must have, almost prop like in their theatrical yet understated presence.  the design and curation of the brushes are all about structure and experimentation, whats stopping you picking up a brush and trying it for blush? Or maybe for contouring? Perhaps even body makeup?  The door is open.

Similarly, the smaller detail brushes are designed to add to the experience of working with makeup with sleek brushes designed for laying down color, blending brushes suited to the eyes or adding detail to a look, a splash of color here or there, blending out concealer, so much of it is down to you and what you feel is right.

give face cosmetics brushes
give face cosmetics brushes

aesthetically the sleek, matte ivory colored handles and synthetic bristles (silky soft bristles make them a pleasure to use) with a polished silver ferrule add a touch of simple elegance to the process of applying your makeup.  All of the makeup including the brushes is suitable for vegans and is an ethical brand with a strong sense of its target audience and the fun to be had with makeup whilst maintaining its ethical stance well.

The brushes are just the right side of decorative to look as good in a jar on a vanity or wrapped up in an artists tool roll on a photo shoot.  A sort of practical decadence for the enthusiast and a tool of choice for the artist who wants to have that uniformity of lightness to their working kit.

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