A Talk with LANDIANA and an exclusive editorial as a fashion ode to Malta

Landiana is a Romanian fashion model and Vice President of Feeric Fashion Week, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe. She is also an influencer who collaborates with some of the major fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. As an influencer, she started her fashion blog in 2016 and in February 2017 she made her appearance at the most important fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris. Being in Malta as the Vice President of Feeric Fashion Week, Landiana met part of #FeericTeam in order to establish new directions and developing new opportunities for young designers. She had the opportunity to work with the best fashion photographer in malta, Matthew B. Spiteri and the best make up artist, Jennifer Dimech. Trend Privé Magazine had a talk with Landiana about her experience in Malta and she revealed us an exclusive moody editorial as a fashion ode to Malta, in exchange for the way this country inspired Landiana. She was shining in #FeericDesigners and their colorful creations – Charles and Ron, Bianca Popp, Ocantos and Dandry.


Photo: Matthew B Spiteri | Make Up: Jennifer Dimech | Styling: Mitichi



  1. How was your passing from model to influencer in the fashion industry?

There is actually something in between these 2. As a model I started to work in Feeric, the most important fashion week in Eastern Europe and the most creative in the world. Year by year I grew with it becoming in the end its vice-president. It became easy then to inspire and influence people around me. I started creating opportunities and promoting designers in the biggest fashion magazines worldwide, something I couldn’t do as a model. And if I may add, this was one of the most beautiful roads I could have passed through in my carrier. 


Photo: Matthew B Spiteri | Make Up: Jennifer Dimech | Styling: Mitichi


  1. How would you best describe your job to someone else? 

My job is the reason why 3 hours of sleep are enough, the reason to jump out of bed in the morning and never looking forward for the day to end. And most of all, what I could say about my job, is that it’s not only a job, but a way of life. And I think this pretty much says everything. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of work to do, sometimes the 3 hours of sleep are highly missed. But sleeping in airplanes pretty much has its beauty. 

  1. What is one thing about your job no one would expect? 

For example, this time of the year, I mostly sit with the laptop on my lap from morning till dawn and organize around 70 shows. This is how many designers we have in Feeric and I make sure to offer them an unforgettable experience with us and impeccable shows. 

I coordinate the backstage that includes more than 100 people and I work together with my team from one edition to the other, the entire year, for what happens during that one week in Sibiu. Now, the event is approaching fast so I basically don’t leave my laptop for a second in order to set each detail for each show and I make sure everything is perfect and everyone is happy. 


Photo: Matthew B Spiteri | Make Up: Jennifer Dimech | Styling: Mitichi


  1. Can you walk us through a typical day for you during a fashion week?

If I talk about a fashion week where I am a guest… I wake up early in the morning and grab a coffee while checking my emails. A big part of our collaborators are from all over the world and time zones are different so there are always emails on my screen waiting for me. Then I start to get ready for meetings and shows. It is pretty easy because my team and I set the outfits before the travels so I only have to dress up, do the hair & makeup, which doesn’t take that long thanks to my modeling years hah. 

And then I start going at the shows and meetings. Sometimes there is time for lunch with the team but not that often. Anyway, we meet when the day is over also with all our friends from around the world and enjoy a glass of wine between emails and messages. 

If I talk about my fashion week, I mean Feeric, things are totally different. I don’t wake up, cause I don’t sleep. I arrive at our venue, waiting for the team to arrive and all our 50 models, and we start with fittings then hair & makeup. There are like 10 shows per day, sometimes even more. And when the day is over… for the others… I start to plan the next day.  

  1. What is your biggest advice for putting together an outfit?

To simply feel great in it. There are some rules when it comes to creating an outfit of course but as long as you feel good in it and you make everyone see that, each outfit is successful. 

First thing when I create an outfit I check if the event I will attend has a dress code. If it does then I try to respect it but adding also a personal note. I like to highlight my presence through my outfits and also inspiring others to do so. But more than inspire I would like to challenge my followers, so sometimes I do unexpected things with my outfit mixes and I like to see people reacting. So there are some rules. And if you add a smile to it you’ll be perfect.


Photo: Matthew B Spiteri | Make Up: Jennifer Dimech | Styling: Mitichi


  1. At the moment, are there certain trends/styles you are loving? Hating?

I love to play with trends and sometimes to mix them in order to experiment and cross style borders. What I don’t like to wear is fur. I am an animal lover and a vegetarian at the same time. This isn’t just about animal protection but I don’t feel or like fur. Now you’ll ask me so what about leather? Well, let me put it like this: I will never push people to be like me and stop eating meat so I understand animals are sacrificed for food. I face this situation, so as long as this happens let’s make this sacrifice worth the wile and use everything from animals, meat, leather, hair, feathers. What I do not agree with is animals being killed for fashion. You will not see me wearing skin of felines, reptiles and any item coming from an animal killed specifically with this purpose. I am not yet that influent as to make big changes in the industry but one day I will be and I promised myself that one day I will work on changing perceptions. For the time being I am happy every time a big brand chooses to ban fur.

  1. Is there one article of accessory you absolutely couldn’t live without during your trips?

If you consider high heels an accessory then yes. You must think I am crazy but I do feel more comfortable on heels than in flat shoes. Except when I have to run from a show to another during the fashion weeks… then I regret each and every word I just told you. 


Photo: Matthew B Spiteri | Make Up: Jennifer Dimech | Styling: Mitichi


  1. What was your main source of inspiration during your trip to Malta?

Oh! Malta itself is an inspiration! I could write a book of how impressed I was about it! I traveled the world and I saw so many different places, From China to Argentina and from Uruguay to Paris. But somehow on my way back to the airport I considered even moving there. Everything impressed and inspired me. From the beauty around, the warmth and kindness of the people. Everyone is so friendly there, lots of places to discover, historical fortresses, temples, combination of colors, good food, excellent vibe, great weather, amazing architecture, cozy villages and ports… it just has it all. So it’s hard not to be inspired in such a place. If you’ve never been there before, take my word for it. Book your trip and thank me later!

  1. Can you list us your favorite fashion designers from Malta?

My time there was not long enough to discover more designers but close to my heart, after 5 years of being part of Feeric and always in my selection when it comes to outfits, are Charles & Ron. Their designs inspired by Malta, worn in Malta just gave me and my team the chance of creating a nice story that you could see in my pictures. 

Besides the fact that I like their creations, I really appreciate their work more than I could say. I had the chance to see them growing. After their first Feeric experience they had a show in New York and lots of events that marked their carrier. But what amazed me the most was them being welcomed to Buckingham Palace in London to present one of their gowns as part of the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange. 


Photo: Matthew B Spiteri | Make Up: Jennifer Dimech | Styling: Mitichi


  1. Can you describe Malta in five words?

The place you must visit! There you have it, 5 words! Joking. Ancient, friendly, colored, vibrant,  picturesque, unique, architectural. Can’t stop at 5 words!

  1. Top #MustSee in Malta are… ?

Valetta Waterfront, Mdina, Upper & Lower Barrakka Gardens, Blue Grotto, Marsaxlokk, Charles & Ron flagship store and the island of Gozo that actually I have failed to see because of the busy schedule but that’s on my list for the next time. 


Photo: Matthew B Spiteri | Make Up: Jennifer Dimech | Styling: Mitichi
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